Dreams about Caterpillars

The caterpillar in a dream is one of the most powerful omens that represents the cycle of life, and to let you know that you are now undergoing a personal transformation.

Due to the fact that the caterpillar transforms into the iconic butterfly — in dreams the butterfly becomes a symbol for rebirth and resurrection, for the triumph of the spirit and the soul over the physical prison, the material world. Among the ancients, is an emblem of the soul and known to be a symbol of our dead loved ones.

This so called middle way or second phase of metamorphosis before coming a butterfly, which in fact is one of the most symbolic dream omens suggests that their will be a major shift in your life for the better.  During this transition phase the caterpillar emerges metaphorically in the pupa stage –  the life stage of some insects undergoing transformation between immature and mature stages. We must look at this metamorphosis in a metaphoric sense in order to understand what your unconscious mind is trying to tell you. Remember you are still vulnerable before this massive shift so what happens in your dream will determine what the outcome of this shift will be.

Caterpillar Spiritual Meaning

Undergoing major changes in life differs from person to person, though the caterpillar seems to highlight being young (grub like state), only to transform to a completely different creature – moth or butterfly.

A caterpillar expresses patience and conservation of your energy, showing you that you must blend in until it time to flourish and spread your wings. The process of surrendering who you are in order for you to become complete is an art achieved by Zen Masters in ancient Chinese culture. The color of the caterpillar becomes symbolic directing towards their own inner energies (see color dreams). If this change is unknown to the dreamer than the caterpillar will appear to be black in hopes you make what is unconscious conscious to you.

Sometimes the caterpillar in your dream shows up to let you know you will be undergoing a spiritual or psychic shift. Sometimes these shifts are met with resistance because of the change; while some may love it others fear it causing the caterpillar to attack the dreamer. If you are lucky enough to see caterpillar eggs in your dream it tells you a story about multiple changes that will be taking place in your life pretty soon. Eggs in our dreams can be considered one of the most iconic symbols of completions and inner transformations; see eggs in the search bar.

Biblical Meaning of Caterpillars

In the Bible the caterpillar is mention in Isaiah 33:4 “Your spoil is gathered as the caterpillar gathers; As locusts rushing about men rush about on it“. The Christian religion butterfly’s biblical meaning is seeing the butterfly as a symbol of resurrection. The biblical meaning of the caterpillar in our dreams tells you about a complete transformation that will take place within your mind, body and soul.

Killing the caterpillar in your dream suggests you will stop growth from taking place. The location and color become clues that help you determine why you stopped this progress from taking place.

Hairy Caterpillar Dream Meaning

More than likely you will notice a hairy caterpillar in your dream. Hair is a very symbolic representing physical strength, growth and virility; the virtues and aspects of a person are said to be related to their hair. See Symbolic Nature Of Hair In Dreams.

Another connection to the hairy caterpillar in your dream might be directed towards male sexuality and growth. It may also be connected with prenatal forces of change and growth.

Caterpillar Attack Dream

Being attacked by a caterpillar in your dreamer represents resisting undergoing personal change or transformation. This can be anything from your spiritual side all they way to your own personal transformation that you are resisting. Your dream wants you to go with the flow and to allow and accept the change as it comes; to adopt the ancient Chinese philosophy Wu Wei and allow things to come and go.

Alternatively, Due to the phallic shape it may reflect on the dreamers instincts or sexual associations. Being attacked is often a metaphor for things in our life that we are not conscious of yet but causes dissonance in our lives. The caterpillar should never attack the dreamer and if it does

Sometimes the dreamer may even notice a caterpillar crawling on them. Crawling caterpillars are known as very positive symbols because anything that is attached to the dreamer suggest that this change will show on them. Now, depending on how you felt whether it was good or digested will tell you will handle this change. If you are someone who resist change in their life it is quite possible you would be grossed out by the caterpillar crawling on you.

Caterpillar Nightmares Meaning

Unfortunately, the caterpillar will attack, bite or found underneath ones skin when something remains unconscious to the person. The caterpillar in your dream will provide you with metaphoric clues to help you point to this area that has been neglected.

Lets say for example, a common place where caterpillars show up in our dreams is on our bed. You see the bed in our dreams is a symbolic place that points to our relationships and intimacy — sometimes the caterpillar takes on more of a Freudian approach pointing to the male organ. Fears or disgust with sex may in fact cause the caterpillar to show up in your dream.

If you are someone who pulled the caterpillar out of your skin in your dream it tells you about a forced transformation. As disgusting as these dreams may be, they are actually positive omen about an unconscious change taking place. You have forced this out of you. What hides under your skin tells you that this change will now show on the outside; see skin in the search bar.

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1 year ago

I really like this Biblical interpretation. I like how the caterpillar is mentioned in the book of Isaiah. There is an emphasis on the meaning of dreams in the Old Testament, yet, we, in the West tend to neglect dreams.

Okiru Moses
Okiru Moses
1 year ago

Yea surely, but I dreamed about plenty grey hairy long caterpillars which I was crossing through, in the field. And am really scared of them, right now my parents want me to start renting a house and be alone , of which I like, but am just worried about my source of income.