Dreaming of My Child

Unfortunately when we dream of our children they often appear negatively being in danger, kidnapped or even killed. These nightmares might jolt you out of your bed wondering if this dream will come true.

The good news is it is very unlikely to happen, though the emotions expressed in your dream might be very real but unconscious to you. The dream will appear metaphoric relating to an underlying vulnerability between you and your child.

These nightmares purposely grab your attention as you might be avoiding, repressing or overlooking a particular issue. However, if you have constant fears of   anything happening to your child in your walking life, then these dreams can be common. Dreams have a tendency of using your child to represent other siblings or unconscious aspects of your own inner child.

Child Dream Symbolism:

  • Divorces or separations
  • School
  • Friends
  • Developing ones own personality
  • Fears and anxieties
  • Sickness
  • Humiliation
  • Abuse or bullying

Dream: Child Kidnapping

A kidnapped child has to be one of the most frightening experiences. So why is it appearing in your dream? One of the reasons is it might appear metaphoric related to a control, influences or being held against his or her will.

They key symbol here would be ‘taken away‘ from you. The dream highlights you have little control or express feelings of vulnerability. What could this represent in your relationship? The kidnapper might appear to be faceless as this issues might be unknown to you.

The act of the kidnapping might have a more psychological undertone hinting at repressed emotions. You would want to explore the areas where they might be held captive.

Child Shot

Dreaming of your child getting shot implies a form of directed anger or an dispute that will hinder his or her progress. These sorts of dreams indicate a need to assist or attend to this matter immediately – to provide emotional support.

The shooter in your dream will provide you with clues to help you decode. An unknown face suggests this problem is unconscious to you, whereas a recognizable face implies the root of the problem; or traits that mimics this specific person. Alternatively, the shooter might be aspects of you or a reflection of your inner child.

The location of where the bullet penetrated the body is another clue that shows where the attack is occurring.

  • Foot = advancement
  • Head = mental
  • Heart = emotional
  • Hands = movement
  • Legs = progress
  • Stomach = intuition/instincts/gut/ energy

Child Drowning

A very common dream symbol that brings your attention to the emotional side of your child. Drowning in water represents feelings of being emotionally overwhelmed, overpowered, and needing assistance. It’s possible you are picking up emotional turbulence revolving around your son or daughter.

Your dream will provide you will minor details such as the color of the water, location, people around you, and how you reacted to this event. Saving your child is a positive omen, though most dreams don’t usually end this way.

  • Feelings of emotional guilt
  • Unable to save
  • Vulnerability
  • Scared
  • Helplessness

Child Possession

A possessed child in your dream brings your attention to negative forces that are manipulating your child. This never means the devil or demon but a force that has complete control over your child. In essence the possession acts as a metaphor hinting at something that your child hardly has any control over.

  • Behavioral issues
  • Video games
  • Bad friends
  • Change of hormones

Inner Child

The unpredictable nature of dreams often suggest one thing but mean something totally different. Another approach to analyzing this dream would suggest that the child in danger is in fact you. The image of your child might resemble your inner child that needs help.

Essentially your goal would be to save your own wounded inner child that has been hurt from the past. All of your past trauma, fears and pain has molded the child that wants to be free again. Your goal is to find where the pain started and to bring him or her to the light. An inability to recognize this hurt child causes more damage in your life.

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2 years ago

I keep dreaming of my son when he was younger, all different dreams. I know that me and my son have unresolved issues, but I’mnot sure what I’m missing.