Dream of Cooking

Dreaming of cooking is considered a very positive omen symbolizing nourishing some aspect of your mind, body and soul.

What the dreamer might not know is that cooking in you dream suggests that this has been something you have been preparing for in the past and now it’s time to obtain the rewards.

The interesting part about cooking is not really cooking itself but the oven/stove that is used to cook on. In dreams the oven is a powerful symbol that connects to the womb or motherhood; a metaphor suggesting once nourished the dreamer will be reborn again.

Remember there is a hidden element to whatever you cook in your dream  as it points to the specific area of transformation and growth.

Symbols that commonly appear with cooking dreams

  • dreaming of someone cooking
  • cooking pasta
  • cooking meat, fish or seafood
  • cooking rice, vegetables or beans
  • cooking pots

Spiritual meaning of cooking dreams

The average dreamer doesn’t really understand the importance of food in dreams, but this highly symbolic image connects us with the phyical,  emotional strengths and hidden energies. Essentially you are fulfilling parts of yourself that are unconscious to you. But what exactly could this be?

Spiritually speaking cooking food in dreams reflects a healthier lifestyle, boost your energy, stabilize the mind-body connection, and improve your stress and creative power.

Cooking also connects with family and bringing people together in your life. In essence you are expanding your world and bringing people close to you. To dream of someone else cooking it suggests you will receive the right help from someone that will make you feel nurtured and successful. If you are just seeing cooking pots in your dream it represents feelings about preparing food and what you put into it or fail to give of yourself.

Did you dream of cooking rice, vegetables, pasta or beans?

Dreaming of cooking pasta suggests you will have an increase of energy by doing something you enjoy in life. Tomato in dreams is usually connected towards good luck. The dream about tomatoes symbolizes you will step into new phase at work or in life.

To dream of eating rice is a powerful omen that is spiritually connected with new prosperity, luck, fertility, new beginnings, sharing, companionship, and success is located in your life.

If you are cooking vegetables represents good health but also you are now benefiting from your past progress. To dream of eating beans suggest new inner growth and transformation.

Cooking meat, seafood and fish dream

If you dream of cooking meat it points towards raw energy, vitality and strength in your life. Once cooked, meat in our dreams is a very positive symbol that has two different meanings depending what is going on in your life. One one hand it might suggest you are fueling this instinctive, primitive, and animal drives inherit within, or relating to internal benefits once absorbed.

If you are dreaming of cooking seafood represents nurturing an emotional side that is unconscious to you. In dreams we often buy, eat, buffet or cook seafood and depending on what you cook alters the meaning.

When the dreamer cooks fish it represents nourishing the spiritual side of themselves, however eating raw fish in a dream  is a negative symbol implying issues with fertility, growth and minor annoyances.

To dream of cooking shellfish or crustaceans represents excitement, happiness and success in your life.

Biblical meaning of cooking in dreams

As you know food plays a major role in the Bible that has a very similar meaning in our dreams. Biblically speaking cooking food in our dreams represents your relationship with God and what has been provided to you.

Genesis: “Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.”

John 6:35. “Then Jesus said, ‘I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty. ‘”

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5 months ago

I dream about cooking pasta for a food contest and I mess it up horribly, only to be so embarrassed by it that I try to lie about it and unsuccessfully attempt to leave the contest venue to avoid facing the embarrassment.

8 months ago

I had a dream yesterday that my mom put something in the oven and then it burned and somehow my books were also there like it was a shelf or something so my books were broken, too.

1 year ago

I had a dream that my boyfriend was in my kitchen and he was cooking aot of food in the microwave on the stove and there was and extra stove with a lot of food in it

mary rincon
mary rincon
1 year ago

I dream of many tables in white linen and lots of vegetables on the tables

2 years ago

Wonderful article. I dream about cooking eggs at least once a week and you helped me find out what the meaning was to the dream. I didn’t know eggs where such a powerful omen that suggest some sort of rebirth. I guess once you eat it you become nourished.