Dreaming of a Bull

Very few symbols though out human history have displayed such raw vigorous energies of life itself more potently than the bull.

When the bull has emerged in your dreams it contains a powerful message that has penetrated your consciousness with brute force. The so called ‘image’ might display all the right characteristics of what a bull looks, feels and sounds like; yet this is not a bull, but rather something that remains hidden within you.

In the dream realm we are provided with clues that need to be decoded metaphorically to find the answer. In any case we need to break down what we know of the bull and how does it relate to your life at the moment. The bull becomes a significant symbol just like the lion or tiger that encourages you to confront your unconscious fears, drives and urges.

The meaning of the bull in your dream changes if you are either chased, attacked or you stand up to the bull. So who or what is the bull in your life?

What You Need To Know:

  • Bulls are highly aggressive, muscular and masculine.
  • The female counterpart to a bull is a cow, while a male of the species that has been castrated is a steerox.
  • Known to fight and attack when provoked.
  • Bullfighting, an explosive energy of crude virility waiting to blow.

Bull Dream Meaning

The first thing that probably comes to mind is their general disposition of being aggressive and dangerous unlike its female species  (cow). This is why most of our dreams mainly consist of running for safety when we confront the bull.  The bull is not meant to scare you but to provide you with a missing piece of the puzzle that needs to be integrated in your life, often pointing to our unconscious drives and urges.

Think about the saying “taking the bull by the horns”, meaning to deal with a difficult situations in a very direct or confident way. What is causing you to run in your life?

The image of the bull reminds you to reflect on what is running wild or a lacking control over in your life. Your inability to control or confront this issues results in letting your unconscious behaviors, emotions or urges running wild. Alternatively the bull appears in your dream for you to tame whatever it is posing a threat to you and possibly others around you.

Bull Dream: The Shadow

Due to the bull strong muscular stature it suggests its power over you what is commonly referred to as the shadow or dark side of the personality. It relates to your primitive animistic side of our personality seen as the evil side that only acts selfishly. It is the origin of both creative and destructive energies. For instance in the movie ‘The Mask” Jim Carry alter ego was displayed when he put on the mask.

Dreaming of a black bull is very common that might represent your shadow or what is unconscious to you. The manifestation of what has complete control over your will, the power would continue to grow unless recognized.

Bull Dreams: Masculine Energy

In mythology, astrology, religion, and folklore the meaning of the Bull – both representing the male aspect of strength, leadership, rage, renewal and power. Both female and males can dream of the bull as the psyche is androgynous – both feminine and masculine traits.

The iconic image of the bull has been a God in many ancient cultures for a reason, the masculine, strength, the SUN, and righteous power.

The bull might encourage you to incorporate these energies in your life to become a less agreeably person. Unlike the cows timid and caring nature the bulls stamina and raw vitality might be needed in your life. The bull encourages you to display fearlessness and strength during difficult times in your life. Essentially by incorporating the power of the bull in your life will create a balance and harmony.

Ancient Bull Symbolism

Taurus was the very first sign of the zodiac connected with the ancient Mesopotamian s, who called it “The Great Bull of Heaven” the  constellation through which the Sun rose. The bull can also be connected to the lunar symbol or MOON goddess, the middle ground between light and sun. The bull can be seen as a symbol in your dreams relating to fertility, protection, immortality and eternity.

As such, many cultures throughout the world have at one point in time honored bulls as sacred. In the Hebrew Bible, sacrifice always reflected transformation. One of the most common ways to transform something is to destroy it. In your dreams killing a bull might suggest a death and rebirth resulting as an inner transformation.

Ox or Bull Positive Symbolism:

  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Virility
  • Fertility
  • Level Headed
  • Calm
  • Sensitive
  • Sentimental
  • Generous
  • Loyal

Negative Symbolism:

  • Uncontrolled anger or rage
  • Unable to face fears or issues
  • Running away from your unconscious drives