Shadows In Your Room: Sleep Paralysis or Ghost?

Are you experiencing a dream or haunting? Have you ever been stuck in your sleep before? No matter how hard you try to kick or scream your body is completely rigid as you remain still parlayed in fear – often accompanied by the presence of something evil. If this sounds vaguely familiar then you most … Read more

Top Recurring Dreams And How To Stop Them

Are you sick and tired of the same dream being replayed over and over in your sleep at night? Well it turns out that you’re not alone. Did you know that approximately 60 to 75 percent of adults are affected by recurring dreams in their lifetime, usually affecting more women than men. Recurring dreams are … Read more

Dreaming Of Your Abuser

Even though you may have left an abusive relationship decades ago, your former abuser may still rare it’s ugly head at night in your dreams making you relive the horrific traumatic experience all over again. Are you dreaming of your abuser? Abuse tend to come in all different shapes and forms and doesn’t necessarily imply … Read more

Dreams That Come True

Have you ever had a dream that you completely ignored only to find out two weeks later your dream came true. Questioning why we dream has intrigued philosophers, psychologist and scientists for thousands of years. Despite scientific inquiry into the function of dreams, we are still baffled on why this occurs. So what do some … Read more

Out of Body Experience

An out-of-body experience is an rare phenomena in which a person experiences the world from a location outside their physical body. OBE sparks the curiosity of many researchers by examining self-consciousness as it involves abnormal forms of self-location and visuo-spatial perspective. Many people confuse astral travel with OBEs however their are some key differences. Astral … Read more