Reasons Why We Dream

Understanding dream symbols goes back further then Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung; the oldest record of dream interpretation dates as far back as 1350 B.C in ancient Egypt. They had a strong belief that our dreams connected us with the gods as they would give us guidance, warnings and visions. They also had priests who studied dream symbolism that where called “Masters of the Secret Things” that used to reside in the temple.

Edgar Cayce or the “sleeping prophet” a famous psychic was able to obtain knowledge during an unconscious sleep state. He has been credited for predicting prophecies in the advanced future by tapping into the Akashic records or “Book of Life”, astral projection, and seeing auras.


Reasons Why We Dream

It wasn’t until the late Sigmund Freud revived the lost tool of dream symbol to uncover what hides below the surface. He regarded dreams as a royal road to the unconscious, often coded with sexual repression or desires. His student and predecessor Carl Jung believed by tapping into your dreams you enter the world of the unconscious – an archetypal journey to find the core of your existence.

The mystery of dreaming still baffles humans even in today’s time, Oneirologist have their theories though nothing is set in stone. Some recent studies suggest that dreams could be directly tied to our emotions, being happy in our walking life makes our dream symbols more positive. On the flip side if you are stressed you will have an increase of nightmares or recurring dreams.

Many people feel that dream are a conglomeration of what we have observed in our walking life. We absorb lot of information through out the day and it’s our brains way of processing what we need to remember or forget.

In my experience all of these theories are correct as we cannot define dreaming as just one thing. Over the years I have observed my dreams can be as complex as finding and rescuing my inner child, – or as simple as acting out a role in a movie I watched the night before. As you enter the unknown world of dreams you are simply a puppet being pulled on the strings of your unconscious.

Dreaming Tools (basics):

  • dream journal
  • remembering your dreams
  • a – z dream dictionary
  • shadow work
  • meditation
  • inner child work
  • free association

Rediscovering Your Dreams

The more technological advanced our society becomes the further we move away from the spirit. Our dreams provide us with an open window to view the souls true wants and desires – an inner psychologist anxiously waiting to give you the answers via images and symbolism.

Dreams speak to us in a language that is often unfamiliar to us, coded in abstract symbols revealing ideas, prophetic visions, warnings, unconscious urges and behaviors. The symbols that emerge in our dreams are commonly disguised tangled in metaphors waiting for you to decode. In essence the images in our dreams are mostly embodiment of our own unconscious.

The symbols that emerge in your dreams will be specifically unique to the dreamer. Exploring though your culture, personal experiences and mythology will map out a blueprint designed for you. This doesn’t mean all dream symbols point to the same thing. A snake that appears to a Hindu might represent divine feminine energy; where as a western person will view it as a threat or enemy.

Remembering your dreams and the symbols contained in them can be a difficult task; requiring  patience, dedication and introspection in your walking life. Being fully cognizant of your daily feelings, moods, behaviors and emotions during the day all plays a vital role in your dreams. Watering both sides of the fence will make the seed grow and flourish into a wonderful garden. Alternatively a lack of self introspection the dream world would be full of weeds and decay.

Benefits Of Remembering Dreams:

  • helping with past trauma
  • breaking the mold that was created by your past
  • finding true inner peace
  • inner world becomes more vibrant and interesting
  • connect with ‘the self’ or ‘spirit’
  • precognition
  • communicating with past loved ones
  • becoming a better person
  • mental and spiritual well being

Unfortunately the modern man despite the advancement of technology we working longer hours and less free time for ourselves. Prying into our idiosyncrasies might be the last thing we want to do when we get home from a long day of work and traffic. In order to fully dive in the deep end you will need to take dreaming

In order to fully understand the meaning of your dreams you will need to watch yourself like a hawk. Being fully cognizant of your feelings, moods, behaviors and emotions during the day all plays a vital role in your dreams. Are you up for the challenge?

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