Reasons Why We Dream

Understanding dream symbols goes back further then Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung; the oldest record of dream interpretation dates as far back as 1350 B.C in ancient Egypt. They had a strong belief that our dreams connected us with the gods as they would give us guidance, warnings and visions. They also had priests who … Read more

Sugar Ray Robinson Premonition Dream

The very first death of American professional boxing could have been avoided if Sugar Ray Robinson trusted his dream. In the summer of June 26, 1947 the fight was set between the two middleweight athletes, Jimmy Doyle and Sugar Ray Robinson. Robinson was arranged to defend his title for the very first time against Doyle, … Read more

A Dream In A Dream

Have you ever had a dream in a dream before? Many of our dreamers here at dream dictionary want to know the meaning behind a dream within a dream.  This common occurrence which is actually called a “false awakening” is a very vivid and realistic experience that convinces the dreamer about awakening from sleep. The … Read more

Abraham Lincoln Predicted His Death

On the day of April 14, 1865, John Wilkes Booth, a popular actor and Confederate sympathizer, shot and killed President Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C. John Wilkes Booth escaped after he shot Abraham Lincoln which followed one of the largest manhunts in US history. The manhunt comprised of over 10,000 federal troops, … Read more

Interesting Dream Facts

Dreams has been a mystery to science, philosophers and psychiatrists since the beginning of time. One of the founding fathers’ of dream interpretations was the psychologist Carl Jung. Jung believed that dreams were a window into the unconscious mind. His felt that while the person is sleeping, their unconscious mind is working on finding solutions … Read more