Seeing The Same Person In Your Dreams?

Dreams are confusing enough but what happens when you keep dreaming of the same person over and over?

They say that everybody you have ever seen in your dream you have encountered in life — these might be random people you have walked passed and forgotten about, but your unconscious mind has recorded every detail.

Though in your dream realm these people seem very real, almost we have known them our whole lives. In fact  sometimes we may even have romantic relationships with them, or at other times they just appear as friends. More than likely this wouldn’t be the first couple of times but these dream are often recurring that lasts for decades.

But you might wonder who is this strange mysterious man that appears over and over in your dream? What do they want and what are they trying to tell you?

Seeing The Same Person In Your Dream

#1 Do You Know This Man?

Did you know that women frequently report seeing a particular man appearing in their dreams on a regular basis. His distinct features and behaviour has entered the psyche of all different women on all walks of the globe.

As unusual as it sounds the same man you keep seeing in your dream might be attributed to a marketing scheme – an image of a man to see if they play in the minds of women’s heads.

Though many women say that this man is real and they have had adventures or romantic relationships with him. Other times he randomly appears in different dream themes as he just watches. Find out more about the strange man in your dreams.

#2 They Are Actually You

What? How can this be? Well according to analytical psychologist  Carl Jung he believed that the human mind was made up of both feminine and masculine counterparts that connects to what he called the animus for women, and the anima for men.

Due to the androgynistic nature of the psyche it main purpose would be for you to connect with the opposite energy for balance in your life. Both of these opposites remain unconscious to the dreamer and is often projected outwards onto an external object, or perhaps leads to a identification with it.

The inner opposite craves your attention, nourishment and balance. Imbalances or distortions relating to these energies in your walking life will alter how they behave in your dream. (see doppelganger dreams)

#3 Twin Flame

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the concept of soul mates, maybe you have even wondered if yours is actually out their. Could it be possible that the person you are dreaming about is actually your twin flame?

This deep yearning to become close, yet when the dream ends you feel that you are missing a piece of you. As if you intuitively know from your heart that this was the person you where meant to be with forever.

Could it suggest that this person is actually out there in this world, perhaps in another country? Maybe this was your soul mate from a previous life connecting with you in your dreams.

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#4 Just A Fantasy

According to Sigmund Freud’s theory of dreams he claims that they are mainly comprised of unconscious desires, thoughts, wish fulfillment, and motivations. If this was the case this random person in your dream seems to be just a manifestation of what your desires and wish fulfillments.