Dreams About My Childhood Home

Do you ever wonder why you might be dreaming of a house you grew up in?

Childhood home dreams can be considered quite symbolic, in fact these dreams contain a part of your past that has molded who you are today. Inside the old home in your dream tells you a story that contains elements of old forgotten memories, hidden secrets, repressed emotions, and a preview of what still remains unconscious with you till this day.

Childhood Home Dreams

Houses in dreams are never really a house per say, but rather a substructure of the mind or inner architecture of the dreamer. Essentially when you are inside your childhood home in your dream, you are inside a part of the past that is surfacing in the present. Your unconscious mind has specifically put you here for a reason. But what could that be exactly?

In most cases repressed emotions, unconscious painful memories, or forgotten talents reside in this area that needs to be examined. Sometimes these childhood houses want us to rescue our inner child from a traumatic past in order for us to heal. However, we still need to go in and search for that version of ourselves and do the work to heal it now.

The good news is your dream will provide you with enough symbolic clues and metaphoric hints inside the rooms to help extract the true meaning.

Childhood Home Dream Meaning

The mood and context of your dream will determine whether it contains elements of a traumatic childhood, or reflects a time of innocence and fun. In many cases the dreamer who has had a turbulent childhood or has repressed memories might have dreams of their childhood house being broken into, set of fire or even destroyed.

Through the symbol of the childhood home dreams, you may find a way to heal the past or find something that is lost i order to begin living a happier life.

Alternatively, someone who goes back to childhood town or house might be collecting something from the past that was long forgotten. What needs to be found will be valuable in your future growth as an adult.

#1. Dreams Of Destroyed Childhood Home

The destroyed childhood house in your dream could be related towards your own attitudes, belief systems, principles, and ideals that you have carried with you since childhood.

Destruction can be purposeful or a result of outside factors. However, the house being destroyed doesn’t necessarily suggest that this is a bad omen, but a symbol of change and transition – to remove the old to make way for a more balanced and harmonious life.

#2. Dreams Of Childhood House Broken Into

Metaphorically speaking, if we look at the house connecting to our minds/psyche and the childhood home as the old/past you; it seems something of a threat has either entered something innocent belonging to you, or what has been protected has been violated.

The floor they broke into and what they took are clues where to look. The so called “break in” becomes metaphoric for someone or something taking away something of value, violation, or innocence from you. The person may in fact be a representation of life experiences or situations recently experienced in your life. Alternatively, this dream might connect to your own inner child that needs protection.

#3. Dreaming Of Childhood Memories

To dream of childhood memories brings you back to a time long forgotten, a time of innocence and fun. A symbol that emerges that encourages the dreamer to live a carefree life, enjoy the fun things and don’t take life so seriously.

#4. Healing Your Inner Child

Finding your inner child doesn’t mean you’re immature or don’t want to grow up. Rather, it is an individual’s childlike aspect. It includes what a person learned as a child, before puberty that has molded who they are today.

Unfortunately, due to traumatic experiences the child becomes stunted and the growth stops and hinders progress from maturing. We call these people immature adults or suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome.

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1 year ago

I dreamt i was in my childhood home as an adult and had just woken up from a sleep. I get up to look out of the window, which looks out to front of the house. I see that a Letter box/Mail box had been moved from over the road to outside our house, i was feeling confused and not liking it. Instead of being red it was dark blue. I told my children about it. I said to them it is new, maybe because of the King’s coronation, but why that color and why move it right outside? I… Read more »

1 year ago

I had the most bizarre dream of trying to get home but I couldn’t. I had a dream within a dream and in both instances I had trouble getting home. It was specifically my childhood home but I was my current adult self. It was so vivid and felt so real. My best friend and I were riding these clear bouncey balls (like the exercise balls) because I didn’t have my car. We were coming back from shopping at a Target. We kept having to cross intersections and the light was never very long. It shouldn’t have taken long from… Read more »

Reply to  Lizzie
1 year ago

Hi, could it be that you are experiencing a stressful time at work atm or life in general and you yearn for more simpler times from when you were a child and the need to return to your childhood home was like a need for comfort and relaxation in your life right now. The fact you were faced with obstacles is like you are finding things a challenge right now, which you are constantly trying to get through. Could this be right?