Dreaming of Quadruplets

Did you know the chances of having a set of identical quadruplets is 1 in 15 million. Due to the rarity of this event dreams of giving births to multiple babies suggests you are in store for more than you bargained for.

Pregnancy and babies are very positive dream symbols that reflect new growth, inner transformation and rebirth in your life. Now the interesting thing about Quadruplets is when this change arrives it will come in fours.

It is important to note the emotions expressed when giving birth will mirror how you handle this event in your life. The location and people around you will become clues where the change might be taking place. Did you know that baby dreams are very symbolic?

Emotions expressed?

  • Feeling of being overwhelmed.
  • Happy or excited?
  • Sad or upset?
  • Scared, anxious or nervous.
  • Unable to manage such a large task.

Quadruplets Dreams

They main symbol you should focus on would be the number four. Symbolically four represents the mental, spiritual, emotional and the physical of your existence. Possibly indicating at a total transformation and balance between these four elements.

The number 4  and the babies will appear as metaphor relating to something in your life. Babies are positive dream symbols that suggest new growth, and in your case it will come four times. This is a powerful number of “being”, it is the number that is known to connect mind-body-spirit with the physical world of structure and organization.

Giving Birth To 4 Babies Dream

You really need to think out of the box, or maybe inside when you dream of giving birth to 4 babies. Think of the shape and the 4 corners that it represents, it seems to be reflecting on some aspect in your life at the moment.

Remember that a square has four sides, or perhaps the four seasons, four directions, four elements or four points North – South – East – West. What might your dream be hinting at?

Think of a four leaf clover that represents luck, or even the Mayan mythology suggesting that multiple births where seen as a blessing from God. The event that will take place will bring you luck and blessing in the future.

Remember their is a risk involved when it comes to having multiple babies. This might suggest you have overcome the difficult time, or waiting period and now its time to nurture the growth. Alternatively the sex of the babies can also be a clue pertaining to the feminine or masculine change that could be occurring.