Cliff Dreams

cliff is defined as a vertical or very steep natural wall of rock. Cliffs are common on coasts, in mountainous areas, escarpments and along rivers.

In dreams however cliffs tend to get a bad reputation as we are commonly falling or losing control of our car as we plummet straight down, maybe you even  jumped off a cliff involuntary.

More than likely any sort of cliffs that emerge in our dreams feel almost like a nightmare due to its vivid nature, it may even jolt you out of your sleep at night.

The image of the cliffs actually serves a purpose in your dream, they become metaphoric representing a lack of control, too close to the edge, going off track; or a unconscious fear of failing.

Cliff Dream Meaning

Its close connection to the mountain brings the dreamers focus to obstacles and challenges they are currently facing in their lives. These could relate to feelings, emotions, or dangerous situations that you are too close for comfort.

The location and people around you will provide you with clues to help you determine where the danger might be occurring. Did you have control over your movements, or if this was something unexpected? What symbols emerged before you encounter the cliff?

You may ask yourself what situation in your life that mimics the feelings of a lack of control. Falling is one of the most common dreams that people often experience when they have lost control in some aspects in their walking live, possibly a need to be grounded.

If you dream of almost falling off the cliff it suggests that you might have saved yourself from a bad situation. These are positive dreams that  you will get back on track and continue the rough journey ahead.

Cliff Dream Symbolism:

  • A need to be grounded,
  • Danger of being too close to the edge,
  • Emotional upheaval,
  • Fear of failing, confidence or success,
  • Difficulties, abandonment, and adversity.

Ocean Cliff Dream

Dreaming of the ocean connects the dreamer with the emotional side, something that is seen below – a fear of confrontation if you where to fall. Water and cliffs metaphorically speak to the dreamer of the thin line between safety and turmoil. If you are observing the cliff and see the ocean it can be considered a positive symbol relating to your unconscious emotions.

Jumping Or Diving Off Cliff

Jumping off the cliff involuntary suggest a change of plans, possibly taking a leap into something new. It might be a symbol of freedom or abandoning something that might have been to challenging. Think of the saying “jumping for joy” might be metaphoric relating to your life.

Alternatively it might suggest that you are facing your fears and jumping into something new. How did you land? Did you experience any fear? What happened after?

Diving off a cliff is a very positive dream symbol that implies opportunities, changes and even explore your emotional depths.

Car Falling Off Cliff

One of the most common dreams pertaining cliffs is when have lost control of our car. The car represents are current future path or drive which has been compromised in this case. A lack of direction and control as you are dealing with an obstacle or difficult time in your life.

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1 year ago

I had a dream I was in a jeep riding up a mountain with another woman and a man. The woman and I were horsing around and she fell out of the jeep..I watched her fall and hit the rocks several times on the way down. I was screaming no as she hit the rocks each time until she finally fell to the bottom of the rocky ravine…dead. There was more to the dream but I forgot the rest. When I finally I woke up I was horrified when I remembered this part of the dream.