Coffin Dreams

Dreams revolving around death usually scare the dreamer as they are thinking there days are numbered. However, this is quite the opposite. Dreams of about caskets or coffins appear as a metaphors relating transitions, personal changes or rebirth in ones life. The symbol may alter if you have unconscious fears of dying, or recently attended a funeral. Maybe it is time you need to put something in your life to rest.

Coffins in dreams often appear in various different colors such as black, white or brown; commonly known to carry, buy or even notice a baby coffin. Depending how the coffin appears in your dream it will become a clue to help guide you to the meaning.

Coffin Dream Symbolism

  • relating to feelings and emotions
  • old part are dying off
  • no longer going forward
  • bad habits, behaviors or urges
  • maturity
  • conscious shift
  • cutting ties or communication with people
  • transformation or puberty
  • hiding or burring secrets

Coffin Dreams: For Your Eyes Only

The definition for a coffin is  funerary box used for viewing or keeping a corpse, either for burial or cremation. Dreams purposely display these images for your own personal viewing. Something in your life has died and now it is the process of being buried. Only you hold the key to unlock the meaning behind your dream.

You might notice the casket being lowed into the dirt, or even an open casket at a funeral home. The location and people around you are clues that direct you towards the answer.  It could bring your focus on feelings, memories or past relationships that are now buried. It might even suggest that you are hiding or covering up something from others.

Essentially whenever there is a death it always is accompanied with a rebirth, a period of new life, growth, or activity; a revival. If you are alive inside the coffin it might suggest resistance or fighting change within; you are holding on to the past.

 Coffin Dreams Interpreted

Coffin Colors & Types

Certain colors reflects the mood or feeling of this change. Both brown and white caskets are very common in dreams. White symbolizes cleansing and transformation and is often a positive symbol. Brown brings your attention to grounding and earth. A wooden coffin also connects with grounding and rebirth.

Baby In Coffin

If you have unconscious feelings or experiences with abortions or a still born, these dreams may emerge. Alternatively, the death of a baby might suggest maturity, or the baby in you has died. Dreaming of a baby coffin encourages the dreamer to investigate their Inner Child.

Carrying A Coffin

Carrying a coffin in your dream represents the dead things you may still carry with you that needs to rest. Though if you are carrying your body in your dream it may represent a new transformation will emerge with whoever is in the box. You might unconsciously be detecting change with this person. Carrying can also be a metaphor used for you carrying dead weight around.

Empty Casket Dream Meaning

Dreaming of an empty casket represents a need to let go of your past and expect things for how they are. An indication for you to go inside (not literately) and see what might be empty within. An unconscious symbol to kill off the old part of your ways that is holding you back from transformation.