Demon Dreams

A demon is defined as an evil spirit or devil, especially one thought to possess a person or act as a tormentor in hell. Thousands of people a month search the web investigating what a demon symbolizes in their dreams. Most are shocked to find out the meaning…

Demons tend to appear in your dreams with the intention to not only scare you but to get your attention. Unfortunately these vivid nightmares are known to jolt you out of sleep worrying if you are actually possessed by a powerful entity. But guess what? You most likely are!

Before you call the priest over and sage your house you might first want to understand how dreams deliver messages to you via unconscious. Your dream is using the symbol of the so called “demon” as a manifestation of your own “inner demons” that you chose not to face. This is why most dreams usually involve being chased or paralyzed with fear as you encounter this evil presence.

Demon Dream Meaning

The good news is once you identify who or what the demons are in your life it will lose all of its strength in your dream. Dreams of defeating or winning against the devil/demon is considered a good omen representing overcoming something that has tormented you in your life.

For some odd reason we tend to use mystical metaphors to describe the pain and suffering inflicted on others, sometimes this is self induced; and other times it just the luck of the draw.

Saying such as “battling my demons” or “overcoming my demons” often filter their way in our dreams metaphorically to deliver a message. In essence this has nothing to do with being possessed even though it feels real or maybe you encountered an evil presence as you are stuck in your sleep (sleep paralysis).

Now that you understand what a demon might be hinting at lets metaphorically disassemble your dream.

What Is The Demon In Your Life?

Our dreams like to put us as the hero or protagonist in the dream fighting these unknown forces but we are actually fighting our fears or things that possess us in our lives. Your dream will provide you with hints to let you know if you are running away from it, wanting to challenge it, or beating the crap out of it.

Since the demon remains unconscious you will need to do some digging to find out what it is pointing at. Now you can use locations, people around you and the feelings how you interacted with it.  Metaphorically speaking do you really know what possesses you in your life? Check out some examples that it could be referring too.

Demon Symbolism Dreams:

  • Depression or anxiety;
  • Alcohol, gambling or drug addiction,
  • Anger or repressed emotions,
  • Family or marital issues,
  • Negative thought patterns.

The Demon Might Be You

According to analytical psychologist Carl Jung felt that each individual human contained a “shadow” that has either been repressed or ignored. Alternatively the demon in your dream could be your own issues that you have no control over.

What is the shadow? These can be all of our unconscious urges, behaviors, repressed emotions that need to be acknowledged. Despite the graphic or disturbing theme of your dream it has a purpose to help guide you to shine light on these dark places.

Types Of Demon Dreams

Remember the more power the demon has over you reflects your vulnerability, fears and struggles in your walking life. The good news is that the demon can be defeated, and sometimes it emerges only to be overcome by the dreamer.

Casting out a demon in your dream is a good symbol that reflects a negative force or fixing an internal issue. Who was the demon possessing? Same goes to rebuking demons in your dream, a symbol that you will stand up against evil – or – internal and external forces in your life.

Dreaming of being chased by evil spirits common that implies you are running from what needs to be faced. Your dream could be encouraging your to face what scares you, to become mentally strong and challenge this presence.

Often times women who are pregnant dream of demon babies or demons in their dream. This are perfectly normal experiences where dreams tend to be more vivid when pregnant.