Suddenly Having Vivid Dreams

In the past year there has been a something unusual taking place on Google’s search engine keywords. All of a sudden people are experiencing an increase amount of weird vivid dreams that are leaving them confused and wondering how to stop them. While scientists have been studying dreams for years, something else that you are … Read more

Top 5 Causes For Dying In Sleep

In ancient Greek mythology, Sleep was considered the twin brother of Death. For centuries death and sleep always seems to go hand in hand. Death like taxes is unavoidable. In fact, the grim reaper is known to creep up on its unexpected victims like a thief in the night. Given the average person sleeps one … Read more

What Do Babies Dream About?

Although it might not feel like it, newborns sleep a total of 9 hours during the daytime, and a total of about 8 hours at night. Imagine at one week old they have the ability to sleep up to 16 hours a day. Even 12 months later, these little bundles of joy are clocking close to … Read more

Improve Sleep Using Feng Shui

I decided to write an article on Feng Shui after sleeping in a house for a week that was purposely arranged to generate positive chi. I would never have given a second thought about Feng Shui as I figured it was for new aged moms who needed an excuse to remodel their homes. Little did … Read more

Exploding Head Syndrome

Exploding head syndrome (EHS) is a common phenomenon which consists of a strange noise just before you fall asleep or waking up. Despite its unusual name which can feel very realistic that occurs with 14 percent of the population, exploding head syndrome does not cause any harm. These sounds can range anywhere from fireworks going … Read more