Dreams of Quitting Your Job

Dreams of quitting your job is a lot more common than you think. The thought of telling off your boss and coworkers can be a normal occurrence, possibly you are holding back from it right now.

Oddly enough dreams of quitting have been on the rise due to covid as you might be working from home now, a symbol metaphoric of leaving your work space. Article how covid affects our dreams.

The act of leaving your job may emerge in your dreams for many different reasons, though finding out might lead to a new discovery about yourself. Though these types of dreams tend to have a deeper more significant meaning.

Hintergedanken is a German word for “a thought in the very far back of your mind” could suggest repressed feelings towards your job. What happens if you like your job, does this mean you want to quit?

Symbols in dreams might suggest one thing but implies something entirely different on the other end. Reflecting on things in your life where you might have left something that you were putting in effort for a long time.  This can be anything form relationships, goals or ideas that you have walked away from. The symbol of your job become a metaphor for something else. Find out the most iconic dream symbols to experience.

  • something you don’t need anymore
  • finding a new path
  • changing direction
  • finding new opportunities

Finding Out What You Want

The major objective of this dream would be to find out what you truly desire in life. Though most people cant afford to pick up and leave their jobs as they have kids, responsibilities and bills to pay. Despite these burdens you might have a burning desire to do what you always wanted to do in life.

Unconsciously your job might have been chipping away at your mind every single day but you just ignore it. Its quite possible you cant even entertain the idea of leaving due to the responsibility you have, hence making these desires unconscious to you.

Craving Change

Doing the same thing everyday and expecting different results is insanity. Could this dream be a sign that you need to look deep within to find what you where really here on earth to do?

This dream might not have anything to do with your job but more to do with who you are. A calling to build your own dream job something you always wanted to do in life. Do you know what that is?