Barefoot In Dreams

Barefoot dream meaning

Feet in our dreams are very symbolic because they allow the dreamer to find out little hints about themselves that are usually hidden — being barefoot in your dream contains different interpretations depending on what you are walking on.

Dreaming About Our Feet our psychological support system reflecting ones attitudes, mental stability and how you navigate forwards towards your goals.

Though, being Barefoot In Our Dreams interprets differently that contains both a negative and positive meaning depending on what you are walking on. The first step would be to reflect the feeling expressed when you were walking barefoot in your dream — did you feel anxious, stressed out, naked, comfortable, happy? This particular emotion becomes a clue that seems to be pointing to a unconscous feeling in your life.

Also the location in your dream will help you find out where this hidden issue might be hiding like being barefoot at work. Unfortunately our dreams like to make things a little complicated for us and will throw at us some strange symbols and locations to extract the meaning.

Typical barefoot dream symbols

  • Being barefoot in mud
  • Dreaming of walking on glass with barefoot.
  • Walking in public without shoes
  • Walking on sharp stones
  • Walking on sand or mud
  • On a road or in church

Benefits of barefoot dreams

Not all barefoot dreams are negative. Whenever the dreamer is comfortable or happy barefoot it suggests that they are grounded, connected with mother nature, and recharging your energy. The dream remains you that you have better control, strength and stability than you previously thought.

Dreaming of being barefoot on glass meaning

Waking on broken glass in our dreams is a negative symbol that represents hidden dangers, lack of protection, and how you are navigating though life. As you go forward there is danger that you cannot see that will slow you down and also be at a risk of injury or self inflicted pain. Remember glass is visible to us, we can see though it and in our dream it may reflect our social barriers or things that protect us. This glass has been broken from your past and you must be careful to move forward.

If your dreaming of walking on sharp stones it represents to pay attention to your current movements in life. Essentially walking on sharp stones tells you that there will be a slow down in your progress and things might feel a bit uncomfortable until you get out of it. Stones in our dreams are symbolic that energize the dreamer.

Are you walking barefoot in mud or sand in your dream?

In our dreams mud is a negative symbol that mixes dirt and water; a symbol warning you about an emotional state of mind or a slow down in your progress. Think about when we get mud on our feet, it shows in front of others and we need to “metaphorically” clean this area in your life. Alternatively, the mud belongs to the EARTH, a powerful symbol of the feminine energy; mud in your dreams may be hinting at grounding your energies into the earth.

Walking barefoot in sand might be hinting at needs some time to relax or maybe you need a vacation. Sometimes walking in sand in our dream represents absorbing positive energy within our mind, body and soul. Sand however in dreams point to time and lack of growth so depending the context of your dream it might be hinting at waiting time in a particular area.

Walking barefoot in public dreams

Depending on how you feel in your dream will alter the meaning, though walking barefoot in your dream represents how you navigate and direct yourself though society. It might even point at feelings of being poor (homeless) that can both reflect your inner or financial worries.

Barefoot in dreams biblical meaning?

The biblical meaning of being barefoot in your dream represents poverty. It is customary in Judaism and some Christian denominations to go barefoot while mourning. To go barefoot was a sign of great distress ( Isaiah 20:2 Isaiah 20:3 Isaiah 20:4 ), or of some great calamity having fallen on a person ( 2 Samuel 15:30 ). In the bible it says, “The feet are symbols of desire. They must be bare: drawn out of everything temporal and mortal.

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1 month ago

I dreamt that I was running bare foot up a hill then I misteped and the. A fishing hoke got caught in my arm

Reply to  Jdkitty
1 month ago

U maybe comfortable in your current condition .be prayerful to block any danger being planned against u

2 months ago

I dreamt that I was sitting with my legs up, and someone says that my chrush is on his way to see me. But I got anxious and said that I cant see him because my feet is dirty.

3 months ago

What about running? I dreamt of running barefoot as fast as I can on sharp stones, in the huge field of my old school. Looking for the canteen ‘coz I’ve got to buy something to help my friend out.

3 months ago

I was barefoot in a store trying on shoes but didn’t purchase

8 months ago

I was in the living room. There were two men staying outside the living room door (blonde and dark-hair) . The blonde one entered the living room. I asked him to close the door. He entered and closed the door looking in my eyes. We sat on the sofa and he put the arm on my neck. Then I was holding a baby boy (he was my son). I was playing with him. I asked him to high five with his father.