Backwards Dreams

What does it mean to go backwards in our dreams?

Anytime we are going backwards in our dreams it can be seen as a negative symbol that is the opposite of your forward movement.

Your dream purposely used the theme of walking backwards, or preferably driving a car in reverse without breaks for a reason. In our dreams going backwards represents some sort of regression in your life.

Now the main objective would be for the dreamer to examine what part of their live they are going in a different direction than other people. Going back could  be anything from your past, retracing your steps to find a solution or failing in some way to advance.

Walking backwards clues

  • relating to your relationships
  • connected to your progress in life
  • grounding and stability
  • minor annoyances and setbacks

Did you drive backwards in your dream?

Driving in our dreams is a powerful dream symbol that points to your own personal control, direction, flexibility and choices that you make in your life. Now once you are going backwards in your dream it tells you that their will be a slow down to progress; sometime that was forgotten or left behind for you to pick up.

But most often going backwards in your car tends to be a bit more scary when the brakes fail to work. You might try as hard as you can to stop the car from going backwards and sometimes you are saved while other times you crash. Going backwards in a car without breaks is a negative symbol that suggests a loss of control, going back to the old ways, and damage.

Walking backwards in dreams

For the most part walking backwards in our dream might be connected to some sort of regression. Sometimes this might be a symbol related to your past or going back to a time in your childhood where a memory has been forgotten. Maybe you have a fear of going forward in your life —  depending the location helps pinpoint where this is stemming from. Alternatively, walking the other ways might be related to walking backwards in time.

Falling backwards in your dream

Falling in our dreams represents a loss of stability or grounding in your life. However, when the dreamer falls backwards in their dreams represents some unconscious block that is hindering their progress to advance.