Reason Why Affairs Occur In Your Dreams

Have you ever been involved in a romantic friendship in your dream before? Perhaps you’ve even dreamt about your husband or wife hooking up with another person as you feel absolutely mortified.

The thought has never even crossed your mind… Right? Well the secret is safe between me and you!

Believe it or not dreams that involve affairs happen more than you think, in fact “cheating dreams” are so common they ranks on googles search as much as teeth, death, falling and flying – yet people have no idea why it even happens.

The unconscious frequently senses emotions and feelings that are not fully conscious of yet – the sexual theme usually has nothing to do with an affair but an underlying issue.

Why Affairs Happen In Dreams

#1 Is Your Partner Cheating?

If you notice that your loved one having an affair in your dream it might imply unconscious feelings of neglect, attention, honesty or a breach of trust that is occurring in your relationship.

By exploring parts of your relationship that involves dishonestly, manipulation, or treated unfairly in order to gain an advantage.

Your dream will provide you with hints that will lead you to the root problem. How you feel emotionally in your dream usually determine the repressed feelings that you are unable to express in your relationship, whether it is sad, angry, confused, or upset.

If you have been a victim of infidelity in the past cheating dreams might occur if you see similar patterns, experiencing trust issues, or past hurt.

# 2 I’m Having The Affair

According to Sigmund Freud he believed dreams represented a disguised fulfillment of a repressed wish. Perhaps your dream is letting you know about your dissatisfaction in your sex life.

One a scale of 1 to 10 how good is your intimacy level? Have you been bored lately? Does the person in your dream do things for you that your partner doesn’t?

#3 Cheating With A Stranger?

Have you ever hooked up with a total stranger in  your dream and wanted to know why you have such a strong connection? Well it might be related to your soulmate.

Could this be the person you are destined to be with? Perhaps you may have known each other in your past lives.

According to analytical psychologist Carl Jung might connect your “soulmate” as the anima for men, and animus for women – the unconscious masculine and feminine energy within.

As ancient Chinese philosophers called Yin and Yang you need to find balance and harmony with the opposites within. A part of you that needs to be found again and each time you hook up the closer you become.

#4 Affair With Someone You Know

Did you know dreaming affairs with people you work with, acquaintances, bosses, or even some random people from your old school are quite common – even if you wouldn’t do it in a million years. So what gives?

These types of romantic connections can be seen as a metaphoric symbol of admirations, a different connection, new understanding or similar traits. Perhaps you may even want to incorporate these traits within you that remain dormant.

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Weird Dreamer
1 year ago

Wow this was really helpful