Breastfeeding Dreams

Did you know in fantasy literature a mother’s milk was considered a miracle fluid which could cure people and give wisdom. The Greek mythical figure Sophia, the personification of wisdom, suckled philosophers at her breast for them to absorb wisdom and moral virtue.

As bizarre as this might sound your dream might not be too far removed from this story. Dreams and the symbols in them often speak to us in a metaphoric language and never what it seems on the surface.

Breastfeeding Dream Meaning

Breastfeeding in dreams can be considered one of the most symbolic images a women can have in her dreams. Babies often connect the dreamer to their inner self thus providing it with its essential nutrients.

What makes these dream so significant is the fact pregnant and non pregnant women both dream of the same image. Due to its complexity “breastfeeding” can be interpreted differently based off of the sex of the baby, or if it belongs to you. Alternatively someone who is actually pregnant directs their attention to hidden emotions being expressed in the dream.

Breastfeeding Dream Symbolism

  • Nourishment
  • Abundance and power
  • Freedom
  • Worship
  • Rebirth
  • Connection to the soul

Fun Facts:

In Ancient Egypt breastfeeding was the number one priority of mothers until infants reached six months of age. After that cows milk was given to the children. Breastfeeding reduces the risk of many viruses, urinary tract infections, inflammatory bowel disease, gastroenteritis,and infections.

Breastfeeding Dreams While Pregnant

It is not uncommon for women who are pregnant to dream of breastfeeding a baby. Unconscious feelings or emotions might arise towards the idea of breastfeeding that are emerging in your dreams.

Fears or excitement, or unpreparedness might be the reasons why you are having this type of dream. It could suggest that your maternal instincts are kicking in and you are ready to become a mommy.

You can also explore feelings relating to how you feel about breastfeeding. Could it suggest the chose to breastfeed shorter, longer or not at all.

Fun Fact:

Do you know why baby cheeks are so pudgy? These round cheeks act as a vacuum in their mouths to suck more efficiently.

Breastfeeding Dream Meaning

If breastfeeding implies some type of nourishment what is it referring too? As we mentioned above due to the enigmatic nature of this symbol it contains unconscious elements that you might not be aware of.

We can make a simple analysis and suggest desires to breastfeed or possibly unfulfilled wishes of what could have been. This would depend on your age and the emotions expressed in the dream. Alternatively the dream might have psychic origins mapping out what events will play out in the future.

Since this is a symbol of eternal life and fertility we would need to direct our attention inwards – nourishing a part of your soul, or possibly your inner child. The baby could be aspects of yourself that needs your love and attention to develop into a whole or integrated person.

In essence the baby mirrors recognizing or in the beginning stages of an inner transformation. This powerful symbol encourages you to explore the archetypal mother goddess; or what Carl Gustav Jung suggested that she was a part of the collective unconscious of all humans.

Milk Symbolism Dreams

  • Motherly love
  • Unselfishness
  • Mind, body and soul
  • Nourishment and Protectiveness

Breastfeeding a Baby Boy

A female who is breastfeeding a boy could suggest nourishing the masculine energy. Since the psyche is androgynous containing both male and female counterparts the boy is a part of you that is now developing.

Similar to the yin and yang a positive dream symbol suggesting a healthy balance or stability in your life. These traits could be unconscious that are now becoming conscious.

  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Independence
  • Assertiveness
  • Leadership

Breastfeeding a Baby Girl

Breastfeeding a baby girl could connect you to your “inner child“, the child that is hidden or trapped in all adults. These babies or children emerge in our dreams for us to examine our past due to past traumatic experiences.

This child becomes hidden deep within your unconsciousness begging to be rescued. However your dream could suggest that you are nourishing the damaged girl from the past by giving it self love, attention and nourishment.

Alternatively the baby girl can be a representation of a rebirth or personal transformation in your life. Birth can be metaphoric for your own enteral rebirth, something that developed inside you is now flourishing on the outside. A positive dream omen hinting at future growth and mental stability.

Breastfeeding Someone Else’s Baby

A very common dream theme that tends to revolve around feeding and providing for other people. Locations and people around you might provide you with a hint what you are nourishing.

Who’s baby was it? The qualities they possess and the relationship you have with them will alter the meaning of the dream. It could be considered both a negative and positive symbol.

Could it suggest you are longing to connect, giving of yourself emotionally and physically to this person. Maybe you are providing for a baby in you life, people who mimic or display baby like characteristics. It might even be possible that this dream implies your natural caring nature offering from you to let others grow.

Biblical Breastfeeding Symbolism

In the Bible Luke 11:27-28 breastfeeding is mentioned metaphorically similar to how our dreams project the image. By obeying the word you become wise in Jesus teachings. 

As Jesus was saying these things, a woman in the crowd called out, “Blessed is the mother who gave you birth and nursed you.”
“He replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”