Dreaming Of A Boat

Similar to a car or a plane, boats in dreams can be seen as symbol mirroring advancement and movement in your life. Its close connection with the water suggests that the boat dream might be an internal journey. The boat is a part of who you are along this new found path – underneath a powerful body of water that consumes you if you are not careful.

Symbolic meaning of boat dreams

Is a boat really a boat in our dreams? How about water?  Does this really mean water or something more symbolic?

When we combine these two metaphoric images together the dreamer gains insight along their emotional journey in life.

Like most dream symbols, boats have a tendency to appear in different shapes or sizes, sometimes you are sailing along with ease, while other times your boat might be sinking. Depending the context of the dream the type of boat, body of water and what takes places alters the meaning of your dream.

Boat Dream Meaning

The boat becomes a key figure in your life that represents some sort of crossing, adventure, and exploration. What makes the boat an interesting dream symbol is the fact that it becomes a part of you, as if you are a vessel along the journey of unexplored emotions and feelings. Whatever events that take place on the boat helps bring the dreamers attention to aspects about themselves they are not aware of yet.

On the flip side the boat being on top of the water shows a degree of vulnerability as fears of sinking into the abyss brings unwanted emotions. They symbol of the water can also be destructive as it has the ability to consume and drown the dreamer.

Water is very powerful as it is one of four earths elements a symbol of the unconsciousness connecting it to the moon, femininity, and irrationality.

Boat Dreams: Sinking, Crashing, Capsizing

Dreaming of either the boat sinking, crashing or capsizing suggests that the dreamer might encounter some sort of emotional disturbance along their path. Waters close association with fertility or The Mother Goddess – the dreamer has come in contact with this powerful feminine energy and can be sucked down into the abyss if you are not aware of her power.

Any sort of ocean or deep waters in our dreams govern our relationship with our emotional unconsciousness. Depending the relationship the waters may either consume you or become transforming.

If the boat is the vessel that brings you to the next stage in life but you encounter a problem it will reflect a block or stoppage from you obtaining your shift.

  • Stoppage of plans
  • Conflict
  • Emotional upheaval
  • Unconscious fears
  • Sinking feelings

Common Boat Dreams

A positive interaction being on a boat suggests smooth sailing ahead on your path. A healthy connection with the feminine, being on top of your emotions, and personal success.

If you notice a boat on the dock it suggest that you will be ready to embark on a new exciting journey in life. Alternatively, it might suggest a need to venture into the unknown part of your psyche (feminine/unconsciousness). Dreaming of the boat on land might suggest setbacks or delays, or the dreamer progress might take some time to unfold.

Dreaming of a boat trip suggests that you depart on a new found journey. What type of boat was it? Who was with you on this trip?