Dreaming of The Dead

If you cant see the signs during your daily life, they might appear in your dreams. Dreams about friends or family that have passed on may be somewhat mystifying upon waking. Questions may arise wondering if you actually made contact, or thinking maybe it was only a dream.

Dreaming of the dead can by highly meaningful containing a hidden message for you to decode. They have selected to come to you for a specific reason.

Unlike your average dreams these ones feel more animated, extremely vivid as if you were actually speaking to them. There are specific symbols or metaphoric clues that appear in your dream helping you decipher the purpose behind it.

Why We Dream Of The Dead?

  • protection
  • affirmations
  • reassurance
  • warnings
  • guidance
  • unresolved matters
  • closure
  • unconscious memories

Are You Dreaming Of The Dead?

Normally when we are visited from loved ones beyond the grave the mood is uniquely different. These dreams are common when the physical world messages have gone ignored. They seem to have an easier time contacting us during REM sleep. The more spiritually attuned the more intense the dream.

Upon waking

Depending the context of the visitation the dreamer might experiences an array of emotions; such as calmness, joyfulness, or fulfillment. The meaningful experience might even depleted your energy, feeling drained but in a good way. The past loved ones can show up at any given time, however they may appear more frequent if the dead was recent. The impact of the dream may stay with the person for months, or even years after the occurrence.

The deceased appearance

Many people report seeing their loved ones looking more vibrant, healthy and happy – typically younger looking. You will notice you see them in a state where they are most comfortable in and not the ill or sick state they might have previously been in. There skin may appear to be glowing or noticing an aura around them.

The message

It is not unusual to for the deceased to offer love, knowledge, reassurance and insight. They might even tell you to move on as they are in a better place; how they will always be watching over you.  They might just show up once as their to say their final goodbyes – others come back to give you a warning. There might be danger lurking around you and they are letting you know.

Final closure

Some reports who experienced visitation dreams said it helped them with the grieving process. The dreams purpose was achieved when the person has closure and is able to move on with their lives.


The term hypnagogic is the experience of the transitional state from wakefulness to sleep. During this phase it is common to experience hallucinations, lucid thought, lucid dreaming, or sleep paralysis. This can happen during the morning or just before going sleep. Many people report seeing there loved ones floating above their beds or sleeping beside them.

Telepathic Communication or Unresolved Issues?

When the dead emerges during sleep there is nothing to worry about. Sometimes the deceased appear as a manifestation of past memories reliving in your dreams, and not an actual visit. If you experience unresolved issues due to your past, they can show up as a symbol or image guiding you towards reconciliation. These unconscious enigmatic symbols in your dream may appear to be complex and confusing. Depending on your past can influence the nature of the dream.

  • Anger
  • Neglect
  • Hopelessness
  • Depression
  • Abuse
  • Lack of love

Recurring Dreams Of The Dead

Often times if you are having recurring dreams it signifies being unable to let go or accept the death. These are unconscious repressed emotions that are trapped wanting to be sorted out. Commonly these dreams feel similar to a nightmare, an anxious feeling with a dark or disturbing theme. The dead usually appears as sick, ill or wanting help – sometimes in the last state you remember them.

Common Encounters With The Dead:

Dreaming of receiving gifts or specific items are symbolic to the dreamer. You have accepted something that they are offering. Could it me a metaphor for having a gift? These dreams bring our attention to offering and acceptance.

Noticing the deceased smiling is a wonderful symbol letting you know they are happy and no longer suffering. They have come to you for a reason hinting for you to accept and live on the rest of your life.

Kissing the deceased brings your attention to love and the connection still remains. If they offer you flowers or see flowers in your dream can be very common. Flowers can represent the short time we have on earth. It could be a symbol of death and rebirth.