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Welcome to Dream Dictionary new Free  Online Biblical Dream Interpretation Service. Just by submitting your dreams you will receive an in-depth and detailed answer within in the next 24 hours. We encourage our dreamers to provide as much detail about your dream to faster find your meaning.

Our free personal dream reading is interpreted by The Dreamer who has analyzed over 30,000 dreams, with over thousands of interpreted A-Z Biblical Dream Symbols from our dictionary. If you are looking for Biblical Dream Interpretation Answers you have come to the right place.

What does the bible say about dreams?

The Bible is seen as a book sacred to Christians which they consider to be the true word of God.

Throughout the Bible there are dozens of dreams both in the Hebrew Bible, and the Old Testament (of the dreams in the New Testament, five, in Matthew, pertain to divine guidance of the Holy Family; in Acts 2:17, Peter quotes Joel 3:1, and in Matt. 27:19, Pilate’s wife shares with her husband a frightening dream and tells him to spare Jesus). Though, what really constitutes as a dream might be difficult to tell the difference. The distinction between dream and vision is not always apparent.

In our Dreams The Bible tends to make its appearance during difficult times, warnings or an actual direct message from God. God used dreams throughout the bible in order to communicate his will, reveal his plans, and to announce future events. Though, biblical dream interpretation required careful analysis to prove it came from God (Deuteronomy 13).

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23 hours ago

Dream with my dog that passed away, it became a pigeon in the dream and then it became a parrot.

Yeti luv
Yeti luv
1 day ago

I had a Dream where I was called by an old lady, she asked if I was dating my spouse and I said yes. She then pointed me to the direction he was sitting under a tree and told me he wasn’t feeling fine. I went to meet my spouse and he confirmed that he was sick. He showed me the medications that thee doctor gave him. I took the drugs from him and in a bid to place it on his hands so he can take them, it fell from my hand to the ground. We both searched for… Read more »