Dreaming of Caves

Are you dreaming of caves? Whenever you encounter a large underground passage it becomes highly symbolic in our dreams. One might assume that the cave is just the earths deep natural underground void, however in our dreams it becomes a symbol of the unknown.

Caves have been well represented in human folklore since earliest times. In Greek mythology the caves where inhabited by the Gods or prophets or sometimes the place that were the spirits of the dead resided.

Even in the Bible caves have been understood as the place of refuge – Christ was born and buried in the cave, the hiding place that one goes to seek safety. Interestingly enough the interpretation of caves in our dreams is not too far removed from these ancient stories.

Caves or caverns in our dream represent the symbol of protection, a type of passage way, or the connection to the womb.

Cave Dream Meaning

Caves are prevalent images in many cultures of of myths, legends, and cults often seen as the route to the Heart. What makes the cave such a mysterious symbol is the fact you enter a secret passageway to some sort of abyss or underworld – the meeting place with your core self and ego.

As you enter the long narrow passage of the dark cave you are essentially heading back to parts of your past, the inner life that you may not fully understand. Essentially the images you encounter are the forces and powers that remain unconscious, your mission would be to bring them to the light (consciousness).

  • Rebirth and inner transformation.
  • Encountering the unknown parts of what has been naturally hidden.
  • The place that protects you.
  • The bridge or meeting point between past and present.

Caves and Protection

Could the underground system be a metaphor for inner protection and solitude? The ancient Egyptians felt that the underground matrix was connected to your spirituality, the system where the soul travels.

Even the Mayans built temples over caves as they believed that these were special places as the entrance to the underworld. In your dream you might be entering the sacred space that bridges your inner and outer world, a symbol of rebirth.

Caves and Mother Earth

This is the place according to Carl Jung as the security and the impregnability of the unconscious – the inner search to find meaning in your life. Metaphorically speaking the cave similar to tunnels are symbols of the womb of Mother Earth, the place of birth, fertility and love.

Alternatively you are going inward or possibly back in time in the tight narrow passage when you where a child in the womb. This could be the spiritual journey that is represented as a rebirth, heading in the labyrinth of your unconscious to find the treasures that have been found.

Caveman Dream Meaning

Dreaming of being a caveman brings your focus on your primitive side to your personality. The repressed unrefined feelings, urges, behaviorists and instincts that are not fully understood. Alternately this might be a symbol for a need to hide from the world, to examine and explore the deeper parts of your mind (cave).