The Meaning Of Dreams

The Meaning of Dreams:

Nobody knows exactly the true purpose of dreaming. It’s possible that our dreams are used for humans to consolidate its memories for things that happened the day before. Once in the dream state, it’s also possible that our brain pulls information that we need and disregards the stuff that we don’t. Many researchers feel that our dreams are like a noise in the background that is thought out and organized. This would mean that our dreams are simply the brain’s way of making sense of unexpected transmissions happening during our sleep. Depending on the person, some will have the ability to control their dreams better than others. These are the people that can make situations in their dream by thinking of an event just before they pass out on the pillow. It is a proven fact that humans need sleep to function properly the next day. If you so happen to be sleep-deprived, you will be more prone to suffer from hallucinations or a physical breakdown. As far as why we dream, the debate is still on the table. It’s really up to the dreamer to make a judgement call. For the most part we have the people who believe in dreams and the ones who don’t. It’s a hard debate to convince somebody when we don’t have actual proof. Many people still think that we just dream so our brain filters out the junk we don’t need; where the rest think that it’s something magical.  If you allow your mind to open up and try to embrace your dreaming capability, your powers are endless.


Quick Ways to Remember Your Dreams:

Remembering your dreams is the first step. The second step is trying to remember and record your dreams. To fully gain insight to your dreams, you must remember that dream interpretation is similar to riding a bike for the first time, or learning a new language. Starting this new exploration into to the mind requires little work, because here at Dream Dictionary, we’ve put together 5000 words and symbols for the dreamers needs. If you are the person who forgets your dreams when you wake up, then you have to follow a couple of steps to get started. The first step is to make sure you don’t rush out of bed when you get up from your sleep. The very moment you wake up you must take your time and think what events happened in your dream. You must put down every single detail even if you don’t find it relevant. The second step is to have a dream journal by your bed and write down what symbols you remember. The third step is recall your dreams in a backward sequence. Basically, start from the last event or feeling that you remember, and then go as far back as you can possibly remember. You must keep the last thought sort of like taking a picture. Also, this takes time and practice, and can be quite frustrating at times. Once you become good, you will be able to strengthen your dream memory, and later on, it will become as easy as breathing.

Jung vs Freud:

The two famous psychiatrists that come to people’s minds when we analyze our dreams are Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. These men single handedly changed the way we look at and interpret dreams and dreaming. Even though Carl Jung was Freud’s predecessor, they both had totally different views on the whole matter. In today’s world we are more open to Jung’s way of looking at dream analysis and disregard Freud. To make it simple, Freud believed that our dreams are manifestations of our deepest darkest sexual desires that we have hidden in us. Jung, on the other hand, had a more simple approach to it; he believed that we can all interpret our dreams ourselves and each dream has a meaning behind it. Though, it doesn’t necessarily mean we have darkest sexual desires attached to every symbol.

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. – Carl Jung

Our Dreams:

Dreams can be very personal, and it’s entirely up to you to figure them out. Here at Dream Dictionary, we give you the best tools to help you understand the hidden meanings to your dreams. Right now, you have a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of our free dream interpretation dictionary and over 5000 dream words.  The benefits of understanding your dreams can be mind-blowing and fun. Today is a new day, in which you can find meaning in your life. Make yourself proud and dream out loud!

Types of Common Dreams: (Dream Forum)

Recurring Dreams

I have had recurring dreams since i was a little girl and I am under water but I can see very clearly whats around me. Sometimes I am alone and there are times when I am with other people. Im not sure if the others with me have the same clear vision. When I am alone under water I can swim really fast and it is always in a wide open space. When I am with other people there is some sort of mission going on, like we are searching for something. The water has been blue or green and It varies from day and night. I am never sacred even when there is something suspenseful going on. one time I remember a shark and I was alone and I remember being freaked out but the shark didn’t seem to care I was there. I remember in this dream I was in the ocean and the moon light was my light to see underwater. I also swam and got out on the beach and I was just sitting on the beach like normal. I love when I have these dreams but I wish I could figure them out! They are all so different but what I see that is similar is that I have clear vision underwater. – Bert Hall

Chase Dreams:

I dreamt an ex was trying to find me and he was getting close. I had is child and did not want him to know, so I was hiding from him. I was not scared, in fact I was in love with him. We have been broken up for 12 years but I dream of him often. I haven’t seen him in that long but have talked to him from time to time, the last. Communication was about 6 years ago. I also had another dream right before that I was on a passenger train and the track kept ending. The conductor kept apologizing and we would have to get off the train find where the track continued and revised a train do we could continue. When I finally got to my destination I realized he was tracking behind me and he was close to finding me so I kept dodging from house to house in my neighborhood to try to avoid him catching up with me. But again I wasn’t scared, it was like a nervous anticipation. Right before I woke up he finally caught up with me. We were standing at opposite ends of the street facing each other. I was frozen my heart beating fast and her was slowly walking up to me. When he reached me, I woke up. – Lydia Sykes 

Lucid Dreams:

I have been flying in my dreams since I can remember. Im 43 now and have had flying dreams since I was around 5. My flying dreams consist of being able to run three steps, take off, then float. I use swimming motions to control myself. Lately I can travel at very fast speeds, let say i can be in LA and travel to Japan in a few seconds if I want. My latest dream consisted of this. I was flying above the clouds looking down at a town/city, it was day time, I could hear the wind in my ear and the warm sun beating against my skin. I could see my arms stretched out in front of me, and I even noticed a scare on my left arm that I have had since I was 9 years old, this was very lucid. I heard some music and decided to go look for where the sound was coming from. I saw a small park below and decided to go land there, I saw 3 homeless men playing the blues, it sounded so good, I then took off again and all of a sudden I could see a tornado in the distant ripping up a small town. This Tornado seemed so real, I could see debris flying everywhere and people running from it. I could even see the colors of the peoples clothes. I noticed a small girl crying and in need of help so I swooped down and picked her up, and took her to a safe area, in all the while the tornado was still destroying things. I have also had dreams of myself flying over fast moving s waves of seawater, sometimes they overtake land and cities. Overall I really enjoys my flying dreams because I can control where I fly and where I go. I have even flown in outer space, but when I do Gravity takes over and I have less control as I fly by planets and stars. – Bill B

Bizarre Dreams: 

I’m in the backyard of someones house. I never look behind me to see who’s house it is, or if it’s even a house at all. I just know that I’m in a backyard. But it’s very large. And it goes back very deep. There’s a path that I always take. It’s not a long path, but it takes me some time to get to the fence blocking it. A very large, wooden fence blocks my path. I can’t go over it or around it. I walk up to the fence and investigate it to find that one of the wooden panels are loose, so I’m able to pull it back and get through. Now I’m on the other side of the fence.
I start walking again. Still on the path although it starts to fade a bit. All around me are trees and greenery. As I’m walking and the path soon fades so I’m just walking on grass and sticks, I look over to my left to see a clean silver/metal statue. It’s about 15-20ft high. The statue is of two lions, one male and one female. The female is lying down while the male stands over her in a protective stance, with one arm over her. They’re both staring at me, but I continue through the forest. I eventually get to a wide open field. At the very end of the field is another forest, but it’s huge and thick. It also looks very dark, I assume because the trees are so close together. Anyways, I continue walking. As I’m walking through the field, I come across (to my left) an old split rail fence. It’s falling apart, and some of it has fallen over onto the ground. I start to follow the direction of the fence (which is still going towards the thick forest) and I notice a very small stone cottage next to me. It’s also old and falling apart. The windows and doors are missing. I think I see a shadow inside, near one of the windows. I feel as though the shadow is also watching me, but I don’t go in the cottage. I look forward to notice the thick forest has gotten noticeably closer. The trees are huge, like redwood trees and very dark. There appears to be no light in the forest. It’s pitch black in there even though it’s about mid day. My eyes glance over to one of the trees on the outer edge of the forest (closest to me) and I see a..shadow? A person? I’m not sure. But they run into the forest, like it wants me to follow it. As soon as I take a step forward, though, I’m being pulled back. Like a vacuum is sucking me back. I’m getting farther from the thick forest, I go back pass the cottage (shadow is still there watching) and the fence.. This force pulls me back through the small forest I started in. It pulls me all the way to the lion statue, and then stops. The statue has changed though, and not for the better. The male lion, who before was protecting the female, is now murdering the female. The male is angry and has the female by the neck, pinning her down. There are small blood spots all over the statue now. A pool of blood drips from the platform the lions are on, down to the ground. A puddle of blood is sitting there. Getting larger and larger until it touches my feet. I can’t move. I can’t even raise my head. Everything goes black. Then, I wake up and open my eyes(still in my dream) and I notice I’m now on the platform where the female lion was. The large, metal arm of the male lion is over me like he’s protecting me. A shadowy figure walks by the statue then. It stops right in front of the male and I and then continues to go forward. As if the shadow is now taking my path, It’s going towards the large dark forest I was heading to. I hear this scream, not sure if male or female, and then all of the sudden the shadow appears right before me and the male. It’s just standing there..watching. It’s dark and looks out of place in this light forest. But the light starts to fade. ( Now that I think of this, I’m not sure if the day is ending and its becoming night time or if I’m somehow in the dark forest I tried to go to before) The shadow still stands there. I look up and the male lion has this crazed look in his eye, as if it wants to kill me. I look back to the shadow, I can’t move my body, and I notice that blood is once again dripping from the platform I’m on, on to the ground. The shadow still just stands there and watches as (From what I’m guessing) I’m being murdered by the lion, although I can’t feel anything except some pressure around my neck. And then I wake up for real. – Kim I