Befriending The Unconscious Mind

Dreams often speak to us in a foreign language by using unusual metaphors and complex symbols that can be quite confusing to interpret.

The unconscious mind demands your attention like a little baby craving nourishment from it’s mother. It is most active during specific hours of the night usually during Rapid Eye Movement (R.E.M Sleep).

This might be it’s only opportunity to directly communicate as you unwillingly volunteer becoming the protagonist in an unfamiliar script that randomly unfolds. Sure you can meditate, try practicing trusting your intuition, or even daydream –  but once your dreams are understood another world opens within.

The Unconscious Mind: Making Contact

Anyone who records their dreams for a noticeable amount of time will observe an unusual pattern manifesting –  as if something is running parallel along our life’s journey, something that can be felt intuitively but never seen.

This intangible bi – polar relationship is full of excitement, fantasy, nightmares and discomfort like picking a random movie on Netflix, you don’t know what to expect. In order to play the game you have to turn on the receiver by engaging in its strange dialogue.

In fact developing a relationship with the unconscious requires more attention from you than from it, as if you are the baby that craves the enrichment from the source.

Unfortunately the map to the royal road to the unconscious is the one that’s least traveled. The modern man has not only severed ties with the spirit but merely chalks it down to a pseudoscience or relating to the occult. I mean lets face it telling someone about your dream usually leads to the same facial expression when they hear their in-laws are making a surprise visit.

Furthermore we patiently wait for science to provide us with all the answers, thus becoming spiritually lazy in the mean time. How long are we going to discredit the importance of dreams or the mere fact they predict the future; even Abraham Lincoln predicted his assassination in a dream two weeks before he was shot.

Unconscious Mind: A Friend With Benefits

According to analytical psychologist Carl Jung he understood that dreams play a vital role in inner development by helping us integrate the unconscious to our conscious; he called this process individuation.

Individuation has a holistic healing effect on the person, becoming both mentally and physically integrated. Since we live in a fast pace world we hardly give attention to our inner world that causes a distortion within that outwardly projects fears, depression, anxiety, addiction or toxic relationships (shadow possession).

Once you develop a friendship with your unconsciousness will notice it’s main objective is to help guide you towards your own inner freedom. As obscure or nightmarishly vivid your dreams may be it takes to you though a complex labyrinth of themes and symbols that may questions your own sanity.

The more attention you pay it the more meaningful and animated your dreams become. By exploring your dreams you are essentially tapping into a part of yourself that hasn’t been explored yet. By doing so your dreams become more animated and more meaningful – as if you have your own personal psychiatrist helping you when you sleep.

The baby that becomes blind to the nipple of the unconsciousness will only suffer from inner starvation. It might throw you a life line disguised as a nightmare in hopes you will see the message coded with the script.

Psychedelic DMT & Dreaming Link

I often wonder about the connection between the psychoactive drug DMT (dimethyltryptamine) and dreams. They both share very similar parallels yet we are just scratching the surface. The effects of taking DMT will include visual hallucinations usually accompanied by strong emotional experiences or perhaps ‘breakthroughs’ as some describe as an alternate reality or dimension.

Could the dream realm be the same place people go when they take psychedelics?

According to new research published in Scientific Reports indicates that rats have the ability of synthesizing and releasing the psychedelic compound DMT which in fact could be found in humans. Some researchers tend to  think that the pineal gland either produces and secretes DMT while dreaming.

Many people who report taking DMT, Ayahuasca or Psilocybin mushrooms enter a dream like lucid state that they are no longer in control. Like dreams they are taken by a ride preferably by “The Great Mother” or “Mother Nature” as you encounter strange beings and imagery. Many people who come back from the trip feel transformed and renewed. Perhaps psychedelics are dreams on steroids offing us a fast solution to our problems.

Similar to astral projection experiences in sleep both share similar experiences of being blasted though a tunnel as you enter another dimension. Similar buzzing, lights and vibrations overlap as they both feel their physical body separating.

How To Connect With Your Unconscious?

Don’t let your unconscious remain dormant call him out it and see if you get an answer. Carl Jung once said “Go to bed, think of a problem. See what you dream. Perhaps The Great Man, the 2,000, 000 year  old man will speak to you”.

  1.  Tips on how to remember your dreams.
  2.  Record your dreams in a dream journal.
  3.  Practice free association writing and mediation.
  4.  Start the individuation process.
  5. Inner child work.
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T.J. Stanley Joseph
T.J. Stanley Joseph
2 years ago

Dear Sir/Madam, For your kind information, from the year 2018 i am getting amazing dream experiences. The types of dreams i experienced is mentioned below as title heads 1, Numbers in dreams like appearing, printed, talking, quantity, vehicle numbers, displaying, through date, day & time, currencies, measurement, Striking in mind etc. 2, Celebrities in dreams 3, Nature, Animals & birds 4, Alphabets & words 5, Senses working in dreams 6, Vehicles in dreams 7, Personal & color code of dress 8, Personnel experience 9, Places in dreams 10, Holy places & spiritual dreams 11, Dream in dream 12, Symbols &… Read more »