Wolf Symbolism In Dreams

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Imagine you are all alone at night deep in the wilderness, you can barley keep your eyes open as you are ready to sleep tucked away in your tent.  You are suddenly awaken by the howl of a wolf.  The sound penetrates right through our body right in your soul.  Your first initial reaction might be either the fight or flight response, as this treat hits close to home.  This instinctual fear has passed down in our DNA from our ancestors.  When a wolf appears in your dream you must be grateful you are being confronted with this powerful symbol.

Carl Jung once said when ever you dream of a wolf pursuing you in your dreams: it wants to come to you.  You would like to ignore it, this is something foreign to you and if is not recognized, then it becomes more dangerous.  Jung understood the best stance would be for it to come and devour you.  Wanting a wolf to devour you might point to transformation of the self.  The archetypal significance of the wolf donates to evil as well as positive and spiritual aspects..  The wolf is usually understood as the reflection of man, with its aggression, impulses and weakness in sexual restraint.  Considered a deceitful, viscous predator, the idea of a wolf hidden in the wild (unconscious) that indicates all the wrong impulses that men inherit such as greed, urges and dissatisfaction.  This is a prime example of what Carl Jung would call the Shadow archetype.  The wolf is much wilder than the dog and in most non western cultures do often not grasp the depths and subtle  differences and similarity of Pagan German or Norse, Eastern or Native American stories. Wolf stories examine reincarnation, spiritual energy, gift exchange, the vitality of the body, and the spirit of the soul.

Wolves In Fairy tails:

You may remember as a child your parents reading you books such as Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids, or the Russian tale Peter and the Wolf.  These animals have appeared as deceitful and cunning like” a wolf in sheep clothing”.  These short stories reflect the theme of the ravening wolf and of the creature released unharmed from its belly and has become a generic archetype of a menacing predatory antagonist.  They fables date back as far as the 11th century; culturally embedded fear in the minds of children as these blood thirsty animals want our souls.

Wolf Symbolism:

A wolf can have a both positive and negative connotation when they appear in your dreams. According to some Native Americans the wolf has been a symbol of both good and evil. The wolf can suggest leadership, deep connection with instincts and leadership, the ability to endure struggle and intelligence. The flip side of the coin might elude to greed and malicious aspects of yourself that are not yet recognized in your walking life. The wolf would sneak up one you as if you where the innocent little red riding hood.

Analyzing Dream Wolf Attack:

  • Being attacked our ganged up by a pack of people
  • Wolf bite might suggest some type of betrayal. The area where you are bitten is an indication of where to look at.  If you are bitten in your hand someone might want to stop your progress.
  • If you are running away or facing it.  How you position yourself in the dream might suggest how you will tackle this problem.  Being afraid of your fears or going towards it.
  • Who and what is around you when the wolf appeared?  How could that person relate to what is taking place? If you are alone suggest it could be an internal conflict.
  • A female wolf suggest the nurturing power of nature, like Romulus and Remus that where both protected by a wolf.  The core of the short story of “Little Red Riding Hood”,  is the wolf portraying the devouring Grandmother as well as the “Great” mother nature that is wild.
  • A black wolf could suggest your “shadow” that is now coming to you.  The shadow is everything that we hate about ourselves that is not recognized or pushed away since a young child.  These repressed emotions, desires and thoughts need your attention no matter how difficult it is to face it or else they will wreck havoc on your life.  Once you shine the light on some of the dark corners in your room then the wolf might be your best friend.
  • Have you ever heard the term ” a wolf in sheep clothing”.  Well we encounter lots of dangerous people in our lives that have the ability to take advatage of our weakness.  Wolves like people can be cunning and malicious in nature.  People who have high levels of  psychopathy act similar to wolfs going after the chicken coop, they will wait to pounce.  You might need to integrate aspects of yourself that might be too weak or innocient in order to protect yourslef from danger.
  • Integrating the wolf within yourself. If you are too naive like poor old little red riding hood you might be next.  You need a wolf to catch a wolf.  Working on your own darkness is the best way to understand others.
  • If you are friendly with a wolf is a very positive symbol that suggest a close bond with your instincts.  You might have a deep connection for the wild and your shadow.

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