The World Has Been Trumped A long Time Ago

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at 2016.11.13
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Headlines all over the world are talking about Donald Trump winning victory over Hillary Clinton to become new president of the United States of America.  Why should we be scared now?  The way I see it, we should have been scared  a long time ago, but now its too late.  Are you not surprised that an ego driven billionaire was able to slither his way up the political ladder?  It’s a lot more interesting when its in our own backyard, isn’t it? We where too busy being brain washed consuming anything in our path, and in our down time we watch some healthy T.V. to numb our stressful thoughts. We where too tired to remember the hundreds of thousands Iraqi’s that where killed for the search of weapons of mass destruction. Instead of George Bush being charged for war crimes he is now living out the rest of his live in his ranch in Texas.  One can only imagine any country that would attack America to that magnitude what would have happened?  Invading and starting war is nothing new to human beings, after all divide and concurring is a hidden trait in all of us. If we are unable to fix our own repressed issues, understand our shadow projections then quarreling about what Mr Trump says on T.V is pointless.

Electing sub par leaders is not only a United States issue, but all over the world. Just south of the State we have Venezuelan president Nicklaus Manduro.   He is single handily ruining his country by holding captive by his power and ignorance, while the mass starve.   Maybe we should look over our shoulder in the far east at the Philippines.  They elected a sociopath called Rodrigo Duterte. This genius thinks its a good idea eradicate all the drug dealers, like how Hitler killed the Jews. He is using street justice to solve a problem by captivating the frustrated average citizen. In the grand scheme of things global warming might not be such a big concern.  I wonder if the the young generation is mentally equip to handle economic turmoil?  Maybe Nintendo can help them by making a game to help them search for their souls instead of Pokemon.

How long can the bankers and politicians pull the wool over our eyes? As long as man kind is not consciously aware of themselves. We have ignored our darkness in man for too long that we dont even know the route.  The hate for Donald Trump might be the hate that lives in all of us. Those obnoxious qualities he possess might be inherent in us.  This Shadow archetype hides deep in our core. The hate you have for him might be ignored hate you have in yourself.  If you are not familiar with the shadow projection, it stems from master of analytical psychologist Carl Jung.  The “shadow self” suggests an unconscious aspect of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself.  One tends to reject or remain ignorant of the least desirable aspects of one’s personality, the shadow is largely negative, everything of which a person is not fully conscious. Mark Twain said it centuries ago by stating if “voting worked they wouldn’t let us do it”.  So don’t worry who you feel should be in office.  The American dream has become the the American nightmare. If we do not correct the psyche on the man we are all going to be in great danger.

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