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Whenever cats appear in dreams they stand out because it usually relates to the emotional side of the dreamer. Sometimes it can appear to be the unconscious side of the dreamer or deceptive or deceiving. These are dreams appear for a reason to get your attention. C.G Jung considered the cat to be archetypal image is present in us all. He used the term archetype in his theory of the human psyche. He believed that universal, mythic characters—archetypes—reside within the collective unconscious of people the world over. Archetypes represent fundamental human motifs of our experience as we evolved; consequentially, they bring out deep feelings of the dreamer.

Women are more prone to dream about cats as they mimic feminine behavior or emotional state. Men who dream about cats would symbolize a connection to the anima. The anima is the inherent female qualities in man that possess unconsciously. The cat will appear different to a man depending on how close he is or far apart to his feminine side. The cats has a tendency in dream to connect on to power, money and respect where temptations are big and where men are pitifully unaware of. Due to men not recognizing these qualities its is much harder to shed light to become conscious.
In order to fully understand a translate the cat as a symbol you will have to remember the settings of the dream, how it appeared. You will need to do your own personal investigating inside and out to see why the cat chose to appear in your dream. For example men seldom dream of cats that are used as a metaphor for “pu**y”. If you are a women depending the context of the dream a cat could mean another women you might deem a threat in your walking life.

The ancient Egyptians held cats in the high ranking, cats where the first domesticated animal. If any one had hurt a cat or killed a cat the punishment was severe. They worshiped a Cat Goddess, often represented as half feline, half woman, whom they called Bastet. Cats for a long time have been misunderstood in dreams, they are somewhat considered bad luck. To an untrained eye a cat is a sign to pay more attention to your own emotional as they might be ignored. Remember cats are known for lurking in the dark/night, this means that it could mimic shadow like behaviour. All humans have a shadow that might be ignored so when the cat shows up it might allude to becoming conscious of it. The black cat mimics the shadow – so may be good luck or bad luck depending the context. The belief of a black cat being evil is when women accused of being witches. Their cats where killed as well.
Cat Details:

Did the cat change from one animal to another?
What was the color?
What kind of cat was it?
What was the appearance of the cat?
Was it close to you or far away? Was it in your house or outside?
How is the animal moving? Away from you or towards you? Fast or slow?
What do cats mean to you? Do you like cats?
Did the cat scratch you or where you afraid of it?


Cats as metaphors:

Death/Ending of the old
Kills mice that are pestering thoughts

Cat Forum Dreams:

“I have had a reoccurring dream where I was alone or with a cat walking through a big city with no color, and then a group of people would appear and the dream would have one of two endings: either a skateboarder in the group with red hair (the only color that appeared in the dream) would say something to me, and I would then walk down a sandy path and find myself on a red outdoor stairwell fighting a young girl with red hair as well (and I would always win), or no one would talk to me and I would walk through the city seeing no colors whatsoever and not being able to enter any buildings or talk to anyone, and I would never recognize anyone in the dream except from having the dream before. This dream happened to me a lot when I was younger, but then it stopped and it has recently reappeared.”

” I had a dream where I was in my room at night and I had left the window open. I saw a white owl fly in the window and morphed into a cat.  I was intrigued and followed it into my brothers room. I noticed that the cat had a grip on my head with its claws. The more I moved the more the claws would pinch my face. I was afraid and i went limp and was at the mercy of the cat.  Now, not too long after that the cat appeared a week later in my dream, this time the grip was not so tight but still i could move a bit.  The third time I noticed that it was letting me be free and I was enjoying its company.  The ending off all this is when a dog at the cat and killed it.”

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