Involuntary Muscle Jerks

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Have you ever experienced a odd sensation of a twitch or jerk that wakes you up from sleep? Well not to be alarmed this is quite a normal that happens to over 70% of people. These occurrences often happen right before you are ready to fall asleep. They would be classified under a hypnic jerk, hypnagogic jerk, sleep twitch or night start causing them to suddenly snap out of sleep mode. These random sensations are usually accompanied by falling sensation that they are imagining. During this feeling it is associated with a racing heart, fast breathing, shock and hot flashes.

Why Is this Happening To Me?

This is nothing to worry about and most people usually go right back to sleep. Studies have come up with some ideas on what this might be happening to you. Some suggest that it could be due to a natural downshifting of your nervous system right before you go in to sleep mode. Your body is now resting so naturally your body mechanism changes by dropping its heat, relaxing its muscles and slows the heart beats.   These twitches occur during this transition. Another theory suggests that as you’re falling off to sleep, your brain forgets the relaxing of your muscles as a signal that you’re actually falling and signals your muscles to tense up, in order to protect you.

How To Stop Sleep Jerks:

Studies have shown that a high caffeine intake will increase these chances.  Even strenuous evening activities on your bod,  emotional and phyical stress,  sleep deprivation may increase the frequency and intensity of hypnic jerks.

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