Breastfeeding Dreams

Did you know in fantasy literature a mother’s milk was considered a miracle fluid which could cure people and give wisdom. The Greek mythical figure Sophia, the personification of wisdom, suckled philosophers at her breast for them to absorb wisdom and moral virtue. As bizarre as this might sound your dream might not be too … Read more

Feet Meaning In Dreams

Have you ever wondered why feet of spiritual gurus and gods have always been worshiped in different cultures around the world? Or why they have become an integral point in acupuncture connecting to different organ systems and meridians. In many spiritual traditions, it is understood that the body and soul are connected and even embodied … Read more

Ancient Egyptian Proverbs

Ancient Egyptian Proverbs Empty not your soul to everybody and do not diminish thereby your importance. The nut doesn’t reveal the tree it contains. The seed cannot sprout upwards without simultaneously sending roots into the ground. A house has the character of the man who lives in it. A pupil may show you by his … Read more