Dreaming of Rabbits

Did this cute furry little animal randomly hop into your dream at night? Rabbits that emerge in your dream are considered to be very symbolic that contain a hidden message often related to luck and abundance. Though, in some cases the rabbit appears in our dreams relating to deceit or sexual urges. Since the rabbit … Read more

Did You And Someone Else Share The Same Dream?

Can two or more people share the same dream? Sharing dreams with someone is more common that it seems. Mutual dreaming or shared dreaming is a bizarre phenomenon were two different people share the same contents, symbols and themes – recently popularized by the Hollywood blockbuster Inception. Just from Google’s keyword search engine alone we notice … Read more

Eagle Dream Meaning

Spotting an eagle is a very rare sight these days. When the eagle has appeared in your dreams consider yourself lucky. Eagles in dreams are highly symbolic birds that represent vision, strength and higher consciousness. This powerful bird has specifically come to you during a specific time in your life. The eagle acts as a … Read more

Monkey Dream Meaning

In the Buddhist doctrine, the “monkey mind” is a phrase used that compares the mind being in a state of restless, disorganized and unbalanced. Dreaming of the monkey is not to far removed from the Buddhist standpoint as it represents our inner critic that is hard to control. Monkeys may appear in our dream to … Read more

Dreams That Start With S

Sacrificed These dreams might be connected to what you have given up for a better cause. The death and rebirth to reach higher consciousness. Sad Crying or being sad in our dreams might be a release of emotions as you might not be able to express in your waking life. The location and objects around … Read more