Dreams About Squirrels

Is it good to see squirrel in dream? Squirrels in our dreams have sort of a mixed meaning because on one hand they represent fun and excitement heading your way, but on the other hand since they love to find and horde food, may even point to greed or hard work paying off in the … Read more

Breaking Up Dreams

Why we break up in our dreams? Some of the most unsettling dreams we can ever experience is about breaking up especially if you are in a good relationship. These dream may be on both side of the spectrum — you are breaking up with your partner or you being on the receiving end. Regardless … Read more

Dreams about Flies

What is the meaning of flies in our dream? In contrast to ants and bees, flies in our dreams always seen to have a negative connotations correlated with them. Maybe its because we have such a strong desire to kill or get rid of them if found inside our home or buzzing around our food. … Read more

Dreams About Woman

Who is this woman in your dreams? In our dreams our minds don’t really invent new faces out of the blue, but these people that showed up are real faces of real people you have interacted with or seen in your life. It’s just you might not remember but this has been stored within your … Read more

Driving In Dreams

Why you are driving in your dreams? Once you are driving in your dream it becomes a symbolic representation of your control, direction, flexibility and choices that you make in your life. The car is essentially an embodiment of the mind-body connection as it navigates towards its goals and destinations. What is interesting about driving … Read more