Dreaming of The Moon

When the moon has illuminated in your dreams it brings a very powerful message of inner divine energy. The moons gravitational force unconsciously guides you towards eternity, renewal, feminine, CIRCLE or the dark side of Nature herself. The moons cycles are powerful symbolic metaphors relating to the emotional pulls that belong to you and others … Read more

Dreams That Start With L

Label When you are labeling things in your dream it indicates that you require things in our life to be systematic and arranged in ways you want. A symbol that is connected to the identity; what was written on the label and the location becomes a metaphoric clue. Labor Everything in life requires some sort … Read more

Dreams Dictionary With E

Eagle Eagles are powerful dream omens known for their vision, freedom and higher consciousness. You have the ability to see far beyond the sight of an average person. If you are on a spiritual path eagles might show up as a guide or spirit. In ancient Egypt they are symbols of protection. If it attacks … Read more