Dreams about Abandonment

One of the most unsettling vivid dreams we can experience is when we are left behind by others in our dreams. In life the fear of abandonment is arguably one of the most common most impactful fears that stems from early childhood. These feelings arise when an individual has a strong fear of losing loved … Read more

Dreams About Finding Things

Did you just find something in your dream? You haven’t really found anything. It came to you! Anything that you find in your dream becomes a positive omen that hints at future luck, spiritual ascension, wealth and happiness. Because dreams communicate with us by using metaphors whatever you find in your dream must be decoded … Read more

Dreams about Deformity

Are you dreaming of being deformed? Waking up from an unsettling dream about being deformed not only leaves you feeling disturbed for the rest of the day, but makes you question why would you ever have this dream in the first place. These The reason why this dream manifested in this manner would only be … Read more

Dreams about Hurting Others

You might be shocked to find out that hurting our loved ones in our dreams is a fairly common theme. Even thoughts these appalling actions that wouldn’t remotely cross your mind in our waking life, it doesn’t really make sense why we would hurt people or things we love in our dreams. Well it turns … Read more

Animus In Dreams: Connecting To Your Masculine Side

Could the men that occasionally appear in your dreams at night be connected to your animus? Maybe the man you keep encountering is not your soulmate, rather something much more complex and profound that resides within you – the indirect link relating to the relationship with your father. According to Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and … Read more