Dog Bite Dreams

Were you been bitten by a dog in your dream? Dog bite dreams are almost as common as they are in waking life. According studies there are approximately 4.5 million dog bites that occur just in the United States each year. These statistics make us wonder if our dream is a premonition indicating a potential dog … Read more

Dreaming about Dogs

Dogs in dreams are very symbolic images that often direct the dreamer towards loyalty, companionship, intuition, masculine energy, protection and our unconscious instincts. Due to its enigmatic nature the meaning of the dog changes depending the gender of the dreamer, how it behaves, or if the dog belongs to you. If dogs are known as … Read more

Dreams about Flies

What is the meaning of flies in our dream? In contrast to ants and bees, flies in our dreams always seen to have a negative connotations correlated with them. Maybe its because we have such a strong desire to kill or get rid of them if found inside our home or buzzing around our food. … Read more

Dreams About Smiling

Dreams about smiling are very positive omens that represents an elevation in mood, peace of mind,  love, and new found happiness in your life. The language in our dreams speaks to us in metaphors and symbols that wants you to know that something is going to make you feel happy. Dream of someone smiling Studies … Read more

Dreams about Abandonment

One of the most unsettling vivid dreams we can experience is when we are left behind by others in our dreams. In life the fear of abandonment is arguably one of the most common most impactful fears that stems from early childhood. These feelings arise when an individual has a strong fear of losing loved … Read more