Did Your Doppelganger Appear In Your Dream?

You might be familiar with the German term doppelg√§nger or what we might call our “body double” or “look-alike” that is known to  have a spookily resemblance of you. With 7 billion people in the world we are bound to find someone who looks similar to us right? Well according to mythology texts this isn’t just … Read more

Barefoot In Dreams

Feet in our dreams are very symbolic because they allow the dreamer to find out little hints about themselves that are usually hidden — being barefoot in your dream contains different interpretations depending on what you are walking on. Barefoot dream meaning Dreaming About Our Feet our psychological support system reflecting ones attitudes, mental stability and … Read more

Tidal Wave Dreams

Hidden meaning of tidal wave dreams To dream of tidal waves or any sort of giant wave implies that the dreamer peace and harmony would be disrupted. These large waves in your dream serve as a purpose to help the dreamer figure out what has now turned their peace upside down. Unlike Tsunamis that appears … Read more

Driving In Dreams

Why you are driving in your dreams? Once you are driving in your dream it becomes a symbolic representation of your control, direction, flexibility and choices that you make in your life. The car is essentially an embodiment of the mind-body connection as it navigates towards its goals and destinations. What is interesting about driving … Read more

Superhero Dreams

Are you dreaming of superheroes? Just recently dreaming of superheroes is on the rise due to the influx of these movies being pumped out by Hollywood. Though, dreaming of your favorite superhero is not something new but has been a theme occurring ever since Superman appeared in the action comics in 1938. You might be … Read more