Dreams about Fire

When fire emerges in our dreams it can either pose warning or reflects the dreamer will undergo some sort of inner transformation in their lives. In a positive light fire in our dreams is a symbolic image hinting at destruction of your old aspects in order for the new to flourish. Its ability to illuminate … Read more

Lake Dream Meaning

Lake dream meaning Anytime water appears in our dreams whether it be a large body such as an ocean, or something as small as your neighbourhood pool — the iconic image of water points towards the dreamers emotions. Unlike the vast ocean in our dreams that bridges the unconscious conscious emotions, the lake however contains … Read more

Helicopter Dreams

Did you dream of a helicopter? Dreaming of a helicopter represents quickly taking off in some aspect in your life. Anytime the dreamer goes directly up in the air in becomes a positive symbol that reflection of something will or has rapidly accelerated towards positive growth. But this growth can be hindered if the dreamer … Read more

Jinn In Dreams

What are Jinn? Jinn (often al-jinn or djinn) are shape-shifting spirits made of fire and air with origins in pre-Islamic Arabia. According to Islamic belief, jinn are real creatures that form a world other than that of mankind, capable of causing physical and mental harm to human beings. They possess the bodily needs of human beings and can … Read more

Dreams about Incense

The history of Incense begins more than 6000 years ago that was first used by the ancient Egyptians. The history of incense is synonymous with ritualism and spirituality. It is commonly intended as a symbolic or sacrificial offering to various deities or spirits, removal of negative energy, or to serve as an aid in prayer. … Read more