Dreams That Start With S

Sacrificed These dreams might be connected to what you have given up for a better cause. The death and rebirth to reach higher consciousness. Sad Crying or being sad in our dreams might be a release of emotions as you might not be able to express in your waking life. The location and objects around … Read more

Dreams That Start With T

Table Tables in a dream can represents your family relationships and social interaction. To dream of a wooden table suggests your grounded nature in social settings. To dream of table and chairs represent new found communication and new friends. A broken table implies some conflict with a relationship or people in your life. If the … Read more

Dreams That Start With V

Vacant Dreaming of either a vacant lot, space, house or building represents empty or unexplored areas of the dreamers psyche. An area that had no interest in the past is now being seen; a symbol that can only be understood by the dreamer. Vacation Dreams about being on vacation represents that you need a break … Read more

Dreams That Start With M

Macaroni Macaroni like most foods in dreams is a symbol of nourishment for the body. It is something in your your life that remains hard or stiff until it softens in boiling water (emotions). Mace To dream of mace or pepper spray is a negative dream that reflects directed anger (hot) at the dreamer. It … Read more