What Is The Meaning Behind The Hamsa

The palm shaped decoration called “Hamsa” can be seen all over the Middle East and North Africa, mainly used as decoration and jewelry. You may have seen one hanging from a the mirror of a car, inside a business, or perhaps noticing a tattoo on someones body. This is not just a new age symbol … Read more

Dreams That Start With S

Sacrificed These dreams might be connected to what you have given up for a better cause. The death and rebirth to reach higher consciousness. Sad Crying or being sad in our dreams might be a release of emotions as you might not be able to express in your waking life. The location and objects around … Read more

Dreams That Start With T

Table Tables in a dream can represents your family relationships and social interaction. To dream of a wooden table suggests your grounded nature in social settings. To dream of table and chairs represent new found communication and new friends. A broken table implies some conflict with a relationship or people in your life. If the … Read more

Dreams That Start With O

Oak Tree An oak tree in your dreams is a very symbolic image representing inner knowledge, wisdom and power from within. Its attraction to lightning connects with the higher realms, God or higher self; a symbol of enlightenment. Oars When you dream of using oars to get across the sea of water in front you … Read more

Dreams Starting With D

Daffodil A dream of a daffodil is symbolic of a new beginning in your life. It represents happiness and reformation whether it is in a new venture or a new outlook and aspiration of bettering yourself. Daisy When in a dream daisies symbolize innocence in love and the start of relationships; they are reflective of … Read more