Dreams That Start With W

Waffle Dreaming about waffles shows you have to be more realistic with your thoughts in your waking life. It could also mean that you cannot make up your mind in important decisions. Furthermore it could signify that you need to be more confident and assertive with your ideas and thoughts. Wager A dream about a … Read more

Dreams That Start With M

Macaroni Macaroni like most foods in dreams is a symbol of nourishment for the body. It is something in your your life that remains hard or stiff until it softens in boiling water (emotions). Mace To dream of mace or pepper spray is a negative dream that reflects directed anger (hot) at the dreamer. It … Read more

Dreams Starting With F

Face Faces represent the true side of the dreamers personality. Unfortunately when face is recognized it is usually distorted, disfigured, injured or blurry – a symbol that implies harboring unconscious negative feelings about ones own image. If you are cleaning your face it represents you want to come out and express your true self and … Read more

Dreams Starting With B

Baboon Baboons are commonly known to either attack, chase or end up inside the home of the dreamer. They are social primates but are known for there dominating and aggressive tendencies. Because they live in the wild it help point towards your unconscious behaviors, primitive traits reflecting in a group, family or society. In-depth analysis … Read more

Recurring and Repetitive Dreams

Suddenly you are at your desk scrambling to find you pencil to write your exam, you break out in a cold sweat as its only a matter of time before you have to hand in your paper. The clock is is ticking as you only have ten minutes to complete and you just started writing … Read more