Mountain Lion Dreams

In our dreams LIONS are commonly known to represent strength, courage, assertiveness, and power. Mountain lions however symbolically contain similar attributes as its feline predecessor, but due to its geographic location, habitat and temperament it holds a deeper meaning. What do mountain lions mean in our dreams? Depending how the mountain lion approached you in … Read more

Dreaming Of Someone You Don’t Talk To Anymore

As the depressing cliché goes: Nothing things last forever—which is why friendship breakups sometimes happen. I noticed that the large majority of dreams that many people need analyzing from our forum has to do with old friends they no longer talk to. Many cases these past relationships usually end abruptly, typically in some sort of  … Read more

Dreams About Smiling

Dreams about smiling are very positive omens that represents an elevation in mood, peace of mind,  love, and new found happiness in your life. The language in our dreams speaks to us in metaphors and symbols that wants you to know that something is going to make you feel happy. Dream of someone smiling Studies … Read more

Dreams about Rivers

In our dreams rivers are majestic symbols that represent the ever changing constant flow of life; a powerful image that emerges when we transition from one phase of life to another. The river tells you a story about your own inner calmness and uncertain things happening in life. What is the meaning of seeing a … Read more

Dreams About Brother

What do brothers symbolize in dreams? Brothers that appear in dreams represent love, sacrifice, respect and bonding in your life and family unit. But why is it every time when we dream about brothers they often come across extremely vivid or even down right bizarre. Did you know that the majority of dreams about our siblings … Read more