Dreams about Rivers

In our dreams rivers are majestic symbols that represent the ever changing constant flow of life; a powerful image that emerges when we transition from one phase of life to another. The river tells you a story about your own inner calmness and uncertain things happening in life. What is the meaning of seeing a … Read more

Dreaming Of Diamonds

Like most dream symbols that appear in our dreams they contain a hidden meaning underneath what you are actually observing. Since the diamond contains geometrical shape of the octagon it becomes highly symbolic connecting to the spirit of the dreamer. Symbolic Meaning Of Diamonds In Dreams This so called diamond that you saw in your … Read more

Dreams About Sister

What does it mean to dream of your sister? Sisters that emerge in our dreams represent trust, loyalty, friendship, compassion and listening. Similar to when we dream of our brothers, dreams about our sisters are down right bizarre or confusing – themes that revolve around drowning, death or getting beaten up. Though sometimes you may … Read more

Coworker Dreams

Why Are You Dreaming Of Your Coworkers? The last thing we want to do when we are off the clock is dream about the people we see everyday. Since we spend close to one third of our lives at work it’s not so hard to believe that our coworkers randomly show up in our dream. … Read more

Anima – The Feminine Within The Man

At night he dreams about his Anima, bi-polar in nature, and depending on your relationship her she may reveal herself as either your soulmate, or a malevolent entity. Psychologically speaking a man’s inner woman or “anima” functions as his soul. When a man is full of life his inner zest glows outwardly often being referred to … Read more