Dreams About Drowning

The Meaning Why We Are Drowning In Our Dreams If you haven’t experienced drowning in a dream before you might considered yourself lucky. Drowning dreams can be classified as a nightmare that usually tends to jolt us right out of bed during the middle of the night. Even though this experience is just a dream … Read more

Suddenly Having Vivid Dreams

In the past year there has been a something unusual taking place on Google’s search engine keywords. All of a sudden people are experiencing an increase amount of weird vivid dreams that are leaving them confused and wondering how to stop them. While scientists have been studying dreams for years, something else that you are … Read more

Dreams about Chakras

Our dreams often communicate with us in a language filled with enigmatic symbols in hopes we become aware of what is unconscious with us. It often reveals how we truly feel, our true intentions, solutions to problems, and guides us towards our pain so we can properly heal. After analyzing over 50,000 dreams in my … Read more

Should You Tell Someone Your Dreams?

There seems to be a lot of superstitions circulating online or perhaps an old wives tale that you shouldn’t tell people your dreams or else it will give you some sort of bad luck. The question of why we dream has intrigued philosophers, psychologists and scientists for thousands of years. Despite all the research from … Read more

Dreams about Knocking

Did you hear the knocking in your sleep or in your dream? Perhaps you knocked on something or someone? The actual meaning of “knocking” translates differently in your dream as opposed to the transitional stage between wakefulness and sleep called Hypnagogia – a phase that includes lucid thought, lucid dreaming, hallucinations, and sleep paralysis. These … Read more