5 Ways A Toxic Mother Appears In Dreams

“Aren’t you beautiful? Aren’t you beautiful? You’re going to be just as pretty as mommy!”  Sound familiar? Maybe it’s time to talk ’bout yo mamma for a change! I know parenting can be a rough and a demanding job, also the fact that there isn’t any specific guidebook when it comes to raising kids properly, … Read more

Dreaming Of Killing

The judge slams gavel down”You are now found guilty of murder”… You might be free to go in your walking life, but in your dream realm you just committed an grievous act. Did you know that mentioning killing someone in your dream is considered a taboo subject and is often pushed under the rug. In … Read more

Octopus Dream Meaning

Octopuses are considered one of the most intelligent ocean creatures that are most famous for having eight arms and bulbous heads. Their unique behavior and ability to solve problems has been fascinating marine biologists for decades. We might be just scraping the surface on how intelligent these sea creatures are. Dreaming of an octopus is … Read more

Scorpion Dream Meaning

When scorpions emerge in your dreams they contain a both positive and negative interpretation. Evolving as far back as 430 million years ago these tough creatures are known for their defense and force as well as their venomous sting. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians recognized the symbolic power behind the scorpion – used in mythology … Read more

House Dream Meaning

Houses in dreams are a symbolic representation of the dreamers sense of self. Every individual room contains a construct of different emotional functions, past memories, phyical body and unexplored parts of your unconscious. Inside encompass a blueprint or map of your emotional and phyical nature, the house is a place that safeguards the soul. Inside … Read more