Werewolf Dreams

Similar to the portrayal in  literature, folklore and films, werewolves appear the same in our dreams. You know these harry, shapeshifting beasts, usually comprising of half human half wolf with extraordinary superpowers. The werewolf loves nothing more than to chase the dreamer until a point they end up attacking or biting them. The lack of … Read more

Dreams About Finding Things

Did you just find something in your dream? You haven’t really found anything. It came to you! Anything that you find in your dream becomes a positive omen that hints at future luck, spiritual ascension, wealth and happiness. Because dreams communicate with us by using metaphors whatever you find in your dream must be decoded … Read more

Black Cat In Dreams

Did you know that the Black cat superstition in Western culture dates back to Ancient Greece? Anytime we dream of a black cat crossing our path we automatically think it represents some sort of bad luck or even death. The unfortunate stigma of cultural and historical myths, dreams, superstitions, and tales that make them either revered … Read more

Wedding Ring Dreams

Did you just dream of a wedding ring? In our dreams the wedding ring is a powerful symbol that represents infinity, inner completion, love, relationships, without beginning or end, perfection. Rings often appear in our dreams in various different ways such as silver, gold, broken, losing ring, dirty, wedding or an engagement ring. Depending on … Read more

Dreams about Silver

In our dreams silver is often correlated with items such as necklaces, rings, coins, and jewelry for a specific reason. It might be the fact that silver has been known to be the mirror of the soul. Silver is a precious metal and, similar to gold, often represents inner growth, transformation and wealth. Since GOLD is … Read more