Dreaming Of Diamonds

Like most dream symbols that appear in our dreams they contain a hidden meaning underneath what you are actually observing. Since the diamond contains geometrical shape of the octagon it becomes highly symbolic connecting to the spirit of the dreamer. Symbolic Meaning Of Diamonds In Dreams This so called diamond that you saw in your … Read more

Zoo Dream Meaning

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Zoo? Whenever we dream of a zoo it becomes a representation of the wild things in our lives that are metaphorically caged up. So what do we mean by wild things? Basically our dreams like to use specific images or animals in your case to direct you … Read more

Coworker Dreams

Why Are You Dreaming Of Your Coworkers? The last thing we want to do when we are off the clock is dream about the people we see everyday. Since we spend close to one third of our lives at work it’s not so hard to believe that our coworkers randomly show up in our dream. … Read more

Dreams about Gold

Whenever gold appears in your dream it should be taken very seriously as it contains very powerful symbolic properties. I know everywhere online informs people whenever you dream of gold it represents internal wealth, power and influence. Sure this might be true in some cases, but once you dig a little deeper in to the … Read more

Did You And Someone Else Share The Same Dream?

Can two or more people share the same dream? Sharing dreams with someone is more common that it seems. Mutual dreaming or shared dreaming is a bizarre phenomenon were two different people share the same contents, symbols and themes – recently popularized by the Hollywood blockbuster Inception. Just from Google’s keyword search engine alone we notice … Read more