Superhero Dreams

Are you dreaming of superheroes? Just recently dreaming of superheroes is on the rise due to the influx of these movies being pumped out by Hollywood. Though, dreaming of your favorite superhero is not something new but has been a theme occurring ever since Superman appeared in the action comics in 1938. You might be … Read more

Dreaming Of Quran

Unlike the other Abrahamic religious text visions in our dreams, the Quran appears in such a unique way that often confuses the dreamer. Sometimes we teach, recite or we are actively listening to one particular verse out of the 6238 provided in our dreams. While other times the Quran may fall from our hands, kiss, … Read more

Dreams About Losing Things

Are you dreaming of losing something important? Dreaming about losing something important to us represents emotional inconveniences when something is taken away in our lives.  If you remember most of your dream it will provide you with enough clues to help you find what might be metaphorically misplaced in your life. Based off of what … Read more

Dreaming Every Night?

Some people might go through years of never remembering their dreams than all of a sudden the flood gates open up and you are bombarded by random vivid dreams every night. Why am I dreaming so much all of a sudden? But what happens when these dreams have no other reason for entering your field … Read more

Dreams about Hills

Hill that appear in our dreams represent minor obstacles or challenges that we are currently facing in our lives. Whether you are climbing up, rolling down, or perhaps struggling at the bottom are symbolic clues informing you of your progress with difficulty. What do hills mean in dreams? Unlike mountains, hills are smaller hurdles that … Read more