What Does A Baby Mean In My Dreams

Adorable, cuddly and full of curiosity, babies are amazing to say the least. They are the center of attention, they light up our hearts and brighten a room with a smile, not to mention melting your heart when they laugh. Baby Dreams When a baby emerges in your dream it’s considered a very powerful omen … Read more

Dreaming of Forest

The forest as a place of magic and danger is found it has played an essential role in legends, myths and fairy tales. The forest contrasts the urban city life, what is unseen, forgotten; the bridge to the unknown or unconscious parts of the dreamer. Inside the Forest In Your Dream holds a key to … Read more

Dreaming of Moths

Moths are highly symbolic and very powerful omens when they emerge in your dreams. Similar to butterflies they go though a life cycle known as metamorphosis, these stages can be metaphoric implying an unknown inner transformation. Unlike the butterfly this transformation seems to be connected to the darker, unknown parts of the dreamer. The moths … Read more

Dreaming of Frogs

Similar to the butterfly, frog are considered highly symbolic in our dreams that bring us luck, resurrection, renewal and transformation. These random shifts or changes in our lives tend to leap out of nowhere hence why the frog emerges in our dreams. What makes the frog so special is its ability to transform from a … Read more

Bug & Insect Dreams

Bug and insects are very symbolic dream images that contain a plethora of different interpretations. Depending on how they appear and the specific type these symbolic little critters may range from symbols of spiritual enlightenment to unclean negative aspects. Insects are important messengers from the unconscious mind hoping you will pay it the attention it deserves. … Read more