Phoenix Symbolism

Accordingly to ancient legend, the Phoenix is a mythical immortal bird that engulfs in flames only to be reborn from its ashes. The Phoenix is a powerful image that connected with immortality, resurrection and life after death, hope, grace and protection. In ancient Egyptian mythology they associate this alternating feminine energy with the SUN god; Ra … Read more

Coworker Dreams

Why Are You Dreaming Of Your Coworkers? The last thing we want to do when we are off the clock is dream about the people we see everyday. Since we spend close to one third of our lives at work it’s not so hard to believe that our coworkers randomly show up in our dream. … Read more

Earth Symbolism

Opposite to the SUN masculine energy the earth connects towards the feminine, the Great Mother, fertility, nourishing, and creative. Being one of the four classical elements, this feminine energy represents physical sensation (matter) when juxtaposed with Heaven. She becomes a symbol of inner growth, stability and grounding of your energies; the Root Chakra or Muladhara … Read more

Dreams about Chakras

Our dreams often communicate with us in a language filled with enigmatic symbols in hopes we become aware of what is unconscious with us. It often reveals how we truly feel, our true intentions, solutions to problems, and guides us towards our pain so we can properly heal. After analyzing over 50,000 dreams in my … Read more

Dreams About My Childhood Home

Do you ever wonder why you might be dreaming of a house you grew up in? Childhood home dreams can be considered quite symbolic, in fact these dreams contain a part of your past that has molded who you are today. Inside the old home in your dream tells you a story that contains elements of … Read more