Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreaming means dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming. The state of lucid dreaming or “lucidity” sometimes starts at the beginning of a dream. The dreamer understands that the experience is not occurring in physical reality, but in ones dream. Often this understanding is noticed once one is either floating, flying or meeting a … Read more

Most Common Dreams

Since dreams have been established as being part of the human condition — or rather, the mammal condition — there are certain dreams that are far more common than others. Sometimes based on culture or location, there are certain thematic dreams that seem to translate from society to society. These dreams are popular for dream … Read more

Recurring and Repetitive Dreams

Suddenly you are at your desk scrambling to find you pencil to write your exam, you break out in a cold sweat as its only a matter of time before you have to hand in your paper. The clock is is ticking as you only have ten minutes to complete and you just started writing … Read more

Dream Facts

Dreams can be fascinating, exciting, scary, sexy, or just downright bizarre. While many have theories on why we dream no one yet has come up with an answer. Whether you remember your dreams or not, you actually dream every night. In fact, everybody dreams it’s just some remember while others don’t. We spend one third … Read more


Dreams have always been a mystery since the beginning of time.  Though out time there has been many guesses behind the reasons for dreaming.  Some say that our dreams are messages from our unconscious mind to our conscious. The messages are able to guide us and lead us in the right path. Others believe that … Read more